Breakdown of Nidar’s last real fight.

Following is a detailed breakdown of Nidars last real battle in 1998 against Uptej Singh. This was originally posted on Sikh Sangat forum and we believe it is worthy of posting on the website.

It is interesting to note that at the end of the video once the fight is broken up Nidar reacts quite badly and is clearly quite unhappy with the outcome and his own failure to completely dominate the opponent.

Despite Uptej Singh giving Nidar a decent competitive performance worthy of respect, Nidar continued to insult Uptej Singh by calling him a “fool” and of “lowly character”, further proving his egotistical nature and lack of respect for other Martial Arts and Martial Artists. The offensive comments can be seen on the following website

Sanatan Hindu Sikh Shastar Vidiya Gurdev Nihang Niddar Singh Nihang encountered one such fool who he indulged in a non-‘Chatka Gatka’ setting in 1998.
Nidar –

Later that day, this lowly character took his boasts further and proclaimed an outright victory over Niddar Singh Nihang.

This individual, though clearly being caught out by Nihang Niddar Singh the first time every time (photographic evidence of this is available) would then go on to tap Niddar Singh afterwards – and claim equality!

If there is photographic evidence then why not publish it on the same page where he insults his worthy opponent.

Breakdown of Nidar vs Uptej by Mehtab Singh (originally posted on SikhSangat)

A fighter is as good as his LAST performance “A quote used by many fighters, trainers and coaches around the whole martial arts world. To be a true warrior and martial artist one must continually push and challenge oneself, fighting and competing at every opportunity.

Niddar ‘the Sanatan Hindu master’ who has recently shot to mediocre fame through his ‘last warrior’propaganda in the western media is an interesting character. But what makes his tale more remarkable is his mysterious past and lack of actual combat or proof of authentic combat and real competition. Apart from the numerous training videos of him displaying beautiful and intricate techniques on students attacking him half-heartedly the only video of this last warrior niddar in action is a Gatka fight against Uptej Singh of the Akand Kirtani Jatha.

Here is a breakdown of the fight and a link to the actual video where you can see the action and judge the last warriors skills for your selves.

The 1 minute and 14 second long video begins with both niddar and Uptej Singh partaking in the traditional Gatka fatehnama and salutation dance. The first thing that springs to mind is why would the last warrior partake in a “British Raj-nurtured System of fighting shorn of its lethal aspect ‘chatka’” as his website puts it…..or did he not know this at the time?

Niddar appears in the video in the black jacket and pretty pink gathra carrying his 3ft tulwar (which he loses during the confrontation and is kindly handed back to him by a bystander at the end of the video). Uptej Singh is sporting the all blue chola dress and glasses. At this point is worth noting Uptej Singh has a smaller stick while niddar has what seems to be a 5 ft lathi. The weapon advantage is defiantly with the last warrior who has a definitive reach advantage and an obvious height and weight advantage. These factors alone should make the battle a piece of cake for the last warrior.

After swinging the light bamboo lathi around his head in the Fatehnama – a question sprang to mind from something I heard from one of his demo videos about not swinging around weapons in crowds and battle formations as they can easily hit the person next to you but here we see the last master do that very thing, oh well it must be one-off (even the last warriors can get lazy). After swinging the lathi around in a Gatka student type manner the battle is set to begin.

Uptej Singh does a spinning back jump know as a chungi and there is now a substantial amount of distance between him and the last warrior.

The last warrior now has the greatest advantage 1) longer range weapon 2) the perfect distance to start using this weapon 3) height and weight advantage over smaller, weaker Uptej singh.

At 0.21 seconds niddars holds out the lathi straight in front of Uptej Singh (A fantastic photo opportunity here as it gives the impression niddar has Uptej Singh right in striking range and is delivering a lathi jab to the facial area)

Uptej Singh is fearless and furious in his attack misaligning niddars lathi strikes and putting the last warrior on the back foot, who backs off quickly almost bumping into the members of the sangat who were sitting by to watch this Gatka show.

Once Uptej Singh put niddar on the retreat he backs off slightly and the last warrior begins his suicidal death charge to which Ustad Uptej Singh responds with a spinning stick strike which catches the last warrior point-blank in the neck/shoulder region @ 0.27 (please watch this vaar over and over as it is beautifully carried out with finesse and grace).

Ignoring this strike the now embarrassed and frustrated last warrior carries on his rhino charge attack on Uptej Singh losing his lathi and at 0.30 secounds loses his very own tulwar from out of his scabbard. ( but just thank god he didn’t lose his kashera)

In a matter of seconds the last warrior has

1. Lost his optimal fighting range for his chosen weapon
2. Lost his chosen weapon
3. Lost his tulwar from his side
4. Lost his temper

A more suitable name for him would be “The LOST warrior”

After losing his weapons the outraged lost warrior clings to Uptej Singh who after a small scuffle gives up his back to the bigger stronger lost warrior.

A simple philosophy in martial arts is “once you have advantage….take advantage” and there is no bigger advantage than having an opponent’s back. There are countless fight finishers at this point from the rear naked choke to numerous strikes, locks and holds.

At 0.34 seconds the lost warrior in the best fight position he could ask for is now thrown over the smaller Uptej Singhs shoulder and now loses this position.

After being thrown over Uptej Singhs shoulder the irate lost warrior tries to fight hand to hand but this one and only fight of the infamous lost warrior is broken up by the singhs watching and @ 0.54 seconds niddar is handed back his tulwar which he lost during the fight . Tyar bur tyar indeed!

Overall I think the students of lost warrior are slightly lost and should really watch his one and only fight again and really see if he is as invincible as you claim him to be.

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