GT 1588, Kashi House and UKPHA supporters of Nidar

Several organisations run and created by Nidar’s cult members’ support him. Like GT 1588 who have over 5000 likes on facebook and UKPHA, Eastern Arts Partnership, as well as Asian Health Initiative, all run by Parmjit Grewal and Amandeep Madra. They had to change their name due to the Sangat associating UKPHA with Nidar.

See Parmjit with his Master Nidar

Here are two examples of just some of the Grants they have received:

Applicant: Asian Health Heritage Amount awarded: £49,900
Applicant: Eastern Arts Partnership Amount awarded: £59, 000

They have applied for approximately 20-30 grants we know about ranging from £10,000 to £100,000 totalling an estimated 2 million pounds. They have received grants from English Heritage, British Academy, National Heritage Memorial Fund, HLF, private donors and others, posing as genuine Sikh Historians.

Through this they invite Nidar and pay him large sums to attend, and support his parchar. Without them Nidar cannot survive financially. Report them to local bodies for ‘Inciting Religious Hatred’ 2006. All they do is cause trouble to get attention. This year at their lame exhibition it was repeatedly said at one of the main talks that Khalsa is from Shiva! and Khalsa is Hindu-Sikh. Boycott these lame accountants and pseudo kung fu nangs!

Nidar being promoted via heritage projects

someone who attended their last exhibition at the Brunei Gallery GT 1588 (where Nidar was the main speaker) Mani Singh had the following to say

I personally did attend the exhibition and yes there was some very interesting artifacts there. The people undertaking the guided tours were very professional and articulate. It is just a shame that they were promoting sanatamism. The guide, many times made comparisons between hindus and sikhs i.e. a sikh can be there is no difference between someone keeping their hair and those that chose not to, he talked about the rituals performed at Hazoor Sahib, which many right thinking individuals know to be totally against sikhi, ey they stated that was what our Guru ji’s wanted and what was happening outside Hazoor Sahib was largely the modernised version of sikhi!!

I was just ashamed that anti-sikh practices were being promoted is such a professional manner, something which is totally alien to the majority of sikh camps, lectures, literature or like minded events. (Mani Singh)

Nidar Singh doing a talk at the GT1588 Golden Temple exhibition teaching his snatanHindu-Sikh ideology to the unsuspecting public

10 thoughts on “GT 1588, Kashi House and UKPHA supporters of Nidar”

  1. unbelievable! how can these guys use legitimate funds meant for proper art and heritage work for their ends?!

    pls tell us more abt their books, which i presume sell well and go into funding their works further and keeping the chain going.

    i see parmjit at city sikhs who are all believ in hindu-sikh traditions, are they connected at all?

  2. lol!! This is too funny so in the face of genuine articles of history that support the talks made you still think it is wrong. Why?
    I am going to assume that your all educated to some level, though endorsing comments like :

    ” a sikh can be there is no dif­fer­ence between someone keep­ing their hair and those that chose not to, ”

    Makes you a prime idiot. You don’t have to wear a turban to be a Sikh. A turban wearing Sikh that judges others is not a Sikh nor can they be until they overcome their ego.

    1. Genuine Articles? whos more genuine then Budha Dal who have excommunicated your Guru Nidar. Also you talk of ego how massive is Nidar’s ego that he thinks he is the “Last Sikh Warrior” and dismisses the whole of the sikh sangat? it seems to be the case that nidars cult can say whatever they want to everyone else call us terrorists, malesh and our shaheeds terrorists and when we expose their Guru they come on here with fake names and email addresses like cowards calling us egotistical!

  3. you haven’t answered the question, if there is a sikh warrior why does he not enter the Akhara and challenge him? Your referring constantly to his website he has an open challenge there. You are faceless and egotistical your not advising the sangat your taking part in nindeah
    veer ji and that you should stop as you cant back up what you say.

    1. We have left various messages on his websites and facebook pages to no response – why does he keep deleting my messages? and why dont you guys ever use your real names, its very childish.

  4. This week he will be in Shepard’s Bush, so go down there, and speak to him face to face. If what you are doing is genuine pursuit of truth, then what is there to fear?

  5. About time these guys were exposed. To them Sikhi is not sacred. They use the phrase Sikhi to get grants. They have no concern for the Panth .
    Nidar is a coward. His followers are people who have a cult mentality.

  6. GT1588 is just a new brand. The main body that gets funding is still UKPHA.
    How does an unemployable misfit like Paramjit start to roll in money? Get grants and pay yourself. Then treat sacred artefacts and trade them to make money.
    There is lots more yet to come.

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