Guru Gobind Singh jis view of Snatan Hindu vidya and deities

These are some excerpts from Guru Gobind Singh Jis own words from Dasam Granth. Clearly we can see from these that Guru Gobind singh ji only worshiped the almighty Vaheguru and bowed to noone else

Guru Gobind Singh ji translated stories about the devi, devtey because it is a part of the history of the world but he did not worship any of them.

The Vedas and the Semitic texts have not been able to unravel His mystery; all the Siddhas are tired of contemplating on Him. The Simrities, the Shastras, the Vedas and the Puranas have all given consideration to multifarious ideologies.

“Some firmly fasten the idol (of Vishnu) to their neck and some call Shiva their God. Some say God is in the Hindu temple and others consider His abode in the Muslim Mosque.

Some call Him (God) Rama, others Krishna and some identify Him in their hearts with other incarnations. I have abandoned all such fake religions and I accept that only God is the creator of living beings.(12)

If you call Rama to be absolutely unconceived and unborn, how could He be born of Kaushalia’s womb? If you call Krishna the Immortal Being, why was he subject to death?

If Krishna was called the apostle of peace and devoid of enmity, then what compelled him to drive the chariot of Arjuna ? Recognize Him as your Sole Master whose mystery none has revealed and none will be able to reveal.(13)

You identify Krishna as the Ocean of mercy, why did the hunter shoot an arrow at him? One who rescues the dynasties of others, why did he get his own dynasty annihilated?

One who is deemed as unconceived since the beginning, how did he enter into the womb of Devki ? One who has neither father, nor mother, how could Vasudeva be termed as his father ?(14)

Why do you call Shiva your Master? Why do you describe Brahma as your Supreme Spirit? The lord of the Raghuvansh (Rama), the chieftain of the Yadavas (Krishna), Rama’s spouse (Vishnu) whom you consider as lords of the universe, were not God.

Discarding the One God, you worship many. Likewise Sukhdev, Prashar and Vyas were proven false due to pantheism. All have established hollow religions. I believe in One God who reveals Himself in many modes.(15)

Some worship Brahma as God, others look upon Shiva as their Lord. Some describe Vishnu as the Lord of the world and coerce others to worship him as by doing so all the sins are eliminated.

Consider this a thousand times, O fool! in the end all these (deities) will abandon you. Contemplate Him in your mind, who was, now is and shall ever be in future.(16)

He made millions of Indras. He made and destroyed myriads of Vaman Incarnations. He created demons, gods, Sheshnaga, mountains, birds and beasts, who are beyond count.

Shiva and Brahma have been doing penances to this day but could not find His limits. My Guru has told me of the Supreme Lord whose mystery is not fathomed by the Vedas and the Semitic texts.(17)”

(Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Dasam Granth – 1544)

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