Nidar and Parmjit’s warm welcome at Takht Hazur Sahib and subsequent disrespect of Baba Kulwant Singh

Nidar and his main chela Paramjit Singh went to Takht Hazur Sahib to promote their new book “In the Masters Presence”. They were thrown out of the place and had to write an apology for calling the Jathedar a sell-out and weak, in their book, as well as insulting the Hazuri Singhs and claiming that women can cut their hair. They will never been seen there ever again. Watch the video above and see if it matches Nidar’s egotistical statements below from his website, where he calls Baba Kulwant Singh and his sangat fools and insults them further

“Hazoori Sikhs, known for mindless drugged up violence,”

The riled up crowd, over whom even the Jathedar had no control, we were dealing were clearly fools.

I made it clear to him if you or anyone here lays a hand on any of my associates or me then you know what I can do I live and breathe to deal with violence. In face of all this credulous stupidity a single fur i.e. quick draw with the sword would have decapitated a whole swathe of them, only if there had been no legal implications I wouldnt have had to hold my hand.


After many more hours of arguing, near 6 in all starting at 7pm ending about 1am, we categorically refusing to amend the last chapter the Takht Jathedar Kulwant Singh made a direct appeal to me…….

“One should try to please and turn an avaricious man to your side by offering him a gift, an obstinate man with folded hands, a fool by obeying him, and a learned man by revealing the truth.”

Following are some excerpts from the book insulting the Jathedar.

‘The current head Pujari of Takht Hazoor Sahib, Jathedar Kulwant Singh, prays throughout the day while on duty inside the inner chamber. The recent development worked combined with their Jathedar’s lack of fighting spirit and departure from certain time honored traditions, such as eating Jhatka meat, applying the blood tilak from a decapitated goat to the weapons, and the drawing of a wage from the Gurdwara Board, has left many Hazoori Sikhs in fear for the future of the Takht’. (‘In the Master’s Presence’, Parmjit & Nidar, p. 278.)

‘They demonise all the people responsible for the recent building work at Hazur Sahib, saying that those in charge e.g Baba Kulwant Singh are demons. (‘In the Master’s Presence’, Parmjit & Nidar, p. 290.)

Nidar even posts a picture of Baba Avtar Singh of the Bidhi Chand dal who who has now excommunicated Nidar  from all Nihang Sansthava.

 You can read Nidars version of events and his disrespect of the Hazur Sahib Sikhs at the following Link.

!!!——- UPDATE ——-!!!!
15 minutes after this post was published, Nidar took down his blog page – we suspected that he would do that so we downloaded it before it was taken down.

So here it is reproduced in all of its glory
On the Eve of In the Masters Presence blog post by Nidar Singh

5 thoughts on “Nidar and Parmjit’s warm welcome at Takht Hazur Sahib and subsequent disrespect of Baba Kulwant Singh”

  1. You should forward this twats statement to Baba Kulwant Singh, so they excommunicate him as well. Some people just don’t wanna learn…


    This is what Nidar and his b**ches are. Be careful Singh, these guys have no limits…………they are all sociopaths, criminals, drug addicts, perverts, alcoholics, deviants, fraudsters in one Hornet’s nest. Quite a few are schizophrenic and think Nidar is Guru Gobind Singh. I joke not. If he gives the order, you could be in danger. However Guru is with you, and it won’t work.

    Nidar if you are reading this. You tried to divide friends. You tried to divide the Khalsa Panth. You tried to make a cult. You called everyone a Monkey. Look at yourself in Hazur Sahib, you look like a frightened Gorilla, that had its banana taken away from it. You have been beaten up by Joga and Sundar in class. Yet you still give it the large. Your ‘art’ has changed over 12 years and your theories. We have videos to prove it, which will also go up. Stop acting like a twat, save yourself, think about your family and son and their place in the Panth, admit your bullshit, drop Hinduism and Alcohol, go pesh to Akal Takht and come back into the Panth as a humble person. Then you might be respected and you might be able to teach. Otherwise you will not be forgiven, and will live as a vulture for the rest of your life.

  3. Ek Oankaar

    Sri Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

    Would the truth remain hidden?
    Even great falsehood cannot live forever.

    Preying on the naivety of his audience, is the only art that this master excels in. Your veil of self created unauthentic history has been lifted, to expose you as the money grabbing Charlatan that you are.

    The name of the Vidiya changes as the money that you earn out of it increases. A prostitute sells her own body, but you stoop lower than this to sell the “suppossed” Vidiya of your Satguru.

    Baba Tarnjeet Singh has with Sri Akaals blessings, started to beat the Ranjit Nagara (Victorious Battle Drum), but this is not a battle of pyhsical elements, this is not a battle of slander, this is not a battle for monetry goods or currency….it is a battle for the “Truth”.

    We shall peacefully liberate our Sikh history from the confused, we shall peacfully liberate the reputation of the respected Shiromani Panth Akali, we shall peacefully liberate the freedom of the Sikh youth to learn spiritual authenticity as opposed to historical inaccuracy.

    We shall do all this….out of love for the next generation of beloved Gursikhs. Unity is our greatest weapon, knowldege our sharpest sword.

    Ne-Vidya is a better name to use for this individual who has for years mish mashed his own agendas, greed and personality cult into whatever he calls his ancient style.

    Methodologically how can the name of an ancient art change 7 times in a period of 10 years?? Challenge this charlatan to recite Japji mujawani and shud!! He should be aware that metophorical armies of Truth are on the horizon. Let games of peace commence.

    How can a flower grow without love for water and sunlight? How can a Gursikh grow without love for Satguru and Gurbani??

    We should all do ardaas for Ne-vidya and his chelas, Maharaaj Sumat Bakhshan.

    Dhan Satguru Nanak

  4. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa
    Vaheguru ji ki fateh

    I tried to contact niddar on fb several times however he has always deleted my comments instantly he is just scared of addmitting the truth. Ive also watched his videos in them he tries his ” sanatan thing ” and tries saying that “sikhi is just a branch of hindusim” this is completely wrong. The panth needs to realise that

    Sorry if i offended anyone im just a kid

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