Nidar calls the police

two weeks ago Nidar called the CTU (Counter terrorism Unit) on me,

I spoke to them and explained that I worked on the Sikh Cyber Museum in 2003 as a curator and Project co-ordinator and also used to work for Birmingham Museums as a Web Researcher so i have a personal interest in Anglo-Sikh History. I have been involved in many Interfaith seminars and have good links with many different sections of the community.

I have only written articles online and proven my points using scripture and reasoning providing evidence and quotes were relevant. I haven’t incited any hatred or violence, in fact it is Nidars students who keep challenging me to attend their class and have a battle with him – I referenced Nidar’s Hadh Torr Challenge as proof, and the many threatening emails and messages from Nidar’s students I had received online.

I provided them with various letters and articles relating to Nidar. Also highlighting where I have made it very clear on the website and forums – that this is not a violent movement but one of a group of parents who are concerned for the kids who will eventually go to his classes, and be brainwashed with his ideology.

They asked me about the forged letter – and I said the letter was signed by the individuals listed, they are well known jathedars not hard to get hold of you could get a Punjabi translator to ring them and ask them all individually to verify (on a side note when at Guru Tegh Bahadur last Thursday, I asked Nidar’s students if they had verified the letter is fake, their only response was “Gurdev had spoken to people”  I said but haven’t any of you thought to investigate yourself and find out, I said don’t believe me or him check for yourselves)

I continued to tell of my surprise that Nidar would stoop to such a low level or feel so threatened and shook up by a small guy like me and a simple website that he would call the CTU on me.
Again Nidar would call us the British influenced firenghi Sikhs, yet he is the first one to run under their protection.

Are these the actions of the “Last Sikh Warrior” ?

We also learned from Nidars students last thursday that one of Nidar’s students called “Machhi” has ridiculously been claiming that his car was shot at ….. I was like WHAT?
I have kept quiet about this as I didn’t want things to get out of hand but I think time has come to talk about all these nasty tactics used by Nidar to undermine anyone who opposes him. I know Nidar and his boys definitely talked to the CTU as the officer mentioned some things that Nidar said to him.

I laughed with the officer saying look at me, do I look like a threat  – I don’t need to threaten anyone or use violence we are beating Nidar with just mere words and articles  – why would I want to jeopardise all the research and effort put in by all the Singhs to make the sangat aware of this fake guru and spoil it all.

The officer was very understanding and could see how Nidar was trying to play the fanatic/terrorist card to undermine my research. I’m glad the British police system is understanding and I understand the officers were just doing their job and they did it profesionally without causing anyone any distress. Well done to them.

then I got thinking and thought what if we would have been in India, if a Singh would be reported just because a malicious person wanted to get back at them and acuused them of beign a terrorist, would the Punjab Police listen to them or give them a chance, or owudl it be beat first and question later, I think the outcome would woudl have been really different.

I for one am glad I live in England a free country where people can openly and freely discuss and air their views in a professional and respectable manner without being “shut-up” or “scared off” by nefarious elements or religious extremists using the government or corrupt police to protect them from being opposed.

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