Nidar Singh and his support of Balbir Singh (Akali-BJP)

Nidar Singh and his support of Balbir Singh

Nidar Singh’s parchar ten years ago or so was anti-SGPC and anti-British colonialism, of how they modified Sikhism into a passive movement. So, it’s hypocritical for him to support Balbir, who is supported by the Akali-BJP (Hindu) and SGPC. Here is video of Nidar accepting Balbir as his leader:

Yet while tyeing a dastaar congratulating Balbir, Nidar  in his 1998 book writes the following comments:

When I interviewed Balbir Singh at this years Hola Mhala (1998) . He made the bold claim all Nihang’s are with him and that Baba Santa Singh has only a few hired hoodlums with him . Yet when Baba Santa Singh Ji arrived in Anadpur I found all my old mates in Baba Ji’s camp . The few Nihangs that were in Balbir Singhs camp I recognised none of them . Majority of Balbir Singh’s entourage was police and commandos supplied by the S.G.P.C supported Akali Dal government of Punjab .’ Nidar 1998

The real leader Baba Surjit Singh as Nidar knows is in jail, he was selected to be Jathedar by Baba Santa Singh, while he was alive.

The Real Jathedar of Budha Dal chosen by Baba Santa Singh
The puppet of the BJP-Akalis Balbir Singh, pictured with his master Sukhbir Singh Badal:

Nidar’s cult member’s like Gurmeet have also received gifts of farlas from the fake Balbir.

2 thoughts on “Nidar Singh and his support of Balbir Singh (Akali-BJP)”

  1. do you think santa should be respected as true nihang he was the one who wanted bhang and wanted to rebuild akal takht with congress help?

  2. Nidar and his followers like Amandeep and Paramjeet have no belief in the Sikhi of the Gurus. There is no concept of the Panth in their minds. It doesn’t matter if the Akal Takht or Dabar Sahib are attacked. To them Bhindranwale was not a proper Gursikhs because he didn’t follow their Sanatanism.
    We must expose them for what they are: RSS followers sent to divide us.

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