Nidar Singh Expelled from Singh Sabha Gurdwara Somerset Road Birmingham by the Sangat

A protest was organised on the 5th November 2012 at Singh Sabha Gurdwara to support the Gurdwara committee in expelling said Nidar from teaching at any Sikh Institution. Nidar had threatened the gurdwara committee that he would return with his students so the Sangat in protest turned up to stop him.

The place of the first victory against ‘pekhi nihang’ Nidar  – Singh Sabha Gurdwara Somerset Road, Birmingham.

Around 150-200 people turned up and after the Rehraas Sahib and kirtan, the issue of Nidar was discussed. Nidar did not turn up. One of his students did come and was discussing the issue with some of the Singhs in the car park, but it was a peaceful discussion, as we understand that his students are mostly innocent and support him out of naivety and being duped by his charismatic character. There were many of Nidar’s ex students present who had first hand experience of Nidar’s lies, and since have backed off from him, they were on hand to talk to some of Nidars new students, to talk of their experiences and what they had learnt after many years of being duped by Nidar and how they escaped from his cult.

First the committee told how they had not heard of Nidar and at first he didn’t approach them, he got some young kids to come and ask the committee if it was ok if they did some gatka training in the back hall, the committee thought it sounded good so let them in.

Once they were informed of Nidar’s ‘Koorr Parchar’ they told him and his students that the class was being cancelled, Nidar got angry and said that the letters were fake and that he will not leave his class, and no one can stop him. The Committee didn’t back down though and told him that they had already cancelled his class, and that if he came back, he had  better be prepared.

Someone then told of why everyone was here today and how Nidar has gone under the radar for 15 years. He does not go to regular Gurdwara programs and doesn’t associate with older members of the Sangat. he only hangs around with young people and he does his parchaar on the internet. The older members of the sangat were accepting of this as they don’t really know how to use the internet.

Then each and every point was addressed to the sangat of his distortion of Sikh Niyarapan(uniqueness) and mixing his snatan ideology to create a Hindu-Sikh cult. The sangat was in agreement that His views were clearly of a nefarious nature. The literature prepared for the event showed snippets from his website where his true agenda is revealed, insidiously wrapped up in a very convincing argument of a universal ancient dharam.

Finally Nidars insulting of well respected Shaheeds and other Sikh Jathebandees was mentioned and his support of the nakli Nirankaris who were trying to disgrace Sikhi in 1970’s at which many older Singhs were shocked.

The irony was that this all started at a Singh Sabha Gurdwara….. The sangat made a stand and successfully expunged this character from the Gurdwara and have vowed to expose this characters real agenda and background.

A motion was passed that all the jathebandis, Siyaney, Naujawan present and all the sangat together would work towards removing this person from our Sikh Gurdwaras which include Guru Amardass Gurdwara, Leicester and Guru Tegh bahadur Gurdwara, Wolverhampton.

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