Nidar’s Classes at GNNSJ Leeds

The Shastervidiya team were very surprised to see that 3 weeks ago Nidar started advertising Shastervidiya classes on his website at GNNSJ Leeds a gurdwara of the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha in Birmingham.

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We have very good and close links with GNNSJ and rang up the jathedar of the Leeds Gurdwara, Mr Harbans Sagoo. When informed that Nidar had setup classes at his Gurdwara he said that the boy teaching was nothing to do with Nidar Singh and he had been vetted by local individuals. On hearing that the class was being advertised on Nidars website he was shocked and promised us to look into the matter. He has requested them to remove the name of the gurdwara from Nidar’s website which still has not been done 3 weeks later.

We know now that  the class was being run by one of Nidars main students who calls himself “Machi”, real name Gurbinder Singh, an optician from Birmingham.

We think this is a new tactic being employed by Nidar where they approach far-flung temples and setup classes without mentioning Nidars name.

The GNNSJ sangat in Birmingham are well aware of Nidar and they are discussing how to deal with the matter in Leeds. I think that Nidar should just stick to his community centres and steer clear of places of worship, as it is clear from his groups behaviour that they are not interested in mixing their martial training with worship.

Also their views are clearly against the mainstream Sikh Sangat in a Big way, he actually makes this statement himself many times on his websites.


“This website by its nature has caused an uproar amongst the narrow minded mainstream Sikhs who are angered due to the vast amount of scriptural and historical facts presented here”


“Many modern mainstream Sikhs, such as those pictured, today practice ‘Kirtan’
that may be termed ‘Pakhand’ (false/fake)”


“Much to the dismay of many, the website will also make evident that today’s mainstream Sikh institutions are but products of late 19th Century, British-Raj nurtured puritanical thought, and, not true to the original teachings of the Gurus as they wrongly claim.”


“One may also state for certain that if Jarnail Singh had not caught the imagination of the historically ignorant and gullible Sikh populace with this falsified history of Samparda Chowk Mehta, then the movement he inspired would not have taken off.”


“Sadly, the vast majority of so-called ‘Sikhs’, never mind non-Sikhs, are completely unaware of these questions despite the fact that ‘translations’ of Akal Ustat are widely available in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and in English. Even from those Sikhs who claim to have read Akal Ustat, all seemed to have over looked these questions. This sounds astonishing, but not entirely surprising considering the great level of ignorance prevalent in so many so-called Sikhs of today.

So if he thinks mainstream Sikhs are ignorant and our institutions are puritanical christian, then why is he going out of his way to set up classes in the very same institutions and teaching the very people he clearly hates ?

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  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, whaeguru ji ki fateh, hello paji im glad youre here too keep the wrong from the right. Its a slow process but were doing it slowly but surely. Paji is there any chance we can stop his students using the stratford road gym i dont like them using our sangats facilities, and if they are nidars students they should not be allowed. thank you paaji whaeguru ji ka khalsa whaeguru ji ki fateh.

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