NIdar’s Hadh Thor challenge?

NIdar can you please answer each question about your famous Hadh Thor Challenge?

  • Where would this challenge take place?
  • How would someone accept the challenge?
  • How many people have challenged him so far?
  • Have any people been turned away from the challenge?
  • what are the rules?
  • Is this weapon combat or hand to hand combat?
  • What are the parameters of the challenge? who is considered a winner?
  • Do we need to create and legal contract to prevent the losing party taking legal action?
  • Can we film the challenge?
  • If Nidar is defeated or fails to fight does he concede his position as gurdev?
  • Why is Nidar afraid to fight hand to hand?
  • It says on your website that hand to hand may result in desecration of hair but weapons based challenges can also result in desecration of hair and life? (which makes no sense)
  • If we bring multiple challengers will your Gurdev challenge them one after another or need a rest
  • If a challenger defeats Nidar and takes over the akhara he obviously gets possession of all akharas weapons because they will be the new Gurdev?

answer each one and please, take your time, but make sure you answer each question

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