Nidar’s students now teaching his classes

the shastervidiya cult has resorted to keeping Nidar out of the way undercover and he has put his students in front and they are now teaching the classes in shephards bush and leeds GNNSJ Gurdwara. This is probably due to the bad publicity and his name being blacklisted at most places.

which is progress I guess, as in 15 years he has produced no teachers of any note….. and he doesnt have copyright over shastarvidiya.

We dont beleive in pursuing them beyond the Gurdwaras, and i think that Nidar’s nature has become apparent, ducking and diving, blatantly lying, hiding and calling the police at any sign of an open discussion.

It is also interesting to note that since the last few years where dasam granth is being attacked by fake professors, has Nidar or any of students taken a stand or stepped up or put their weapons forward to protect the sanctity of Dasam Granth Beer Rass Bani, while the rest of us our blood boiling to hear anyone do nindiya of Guru Gobind Singh jis bani. One of Nidar’s cheley from london even defending dhunda’s right to do parchaar.

it is interesting to note in the video of jeownwala of canada when he has a discussion with the tapoban (AKJ Singhs), yes the AKJ “RESPECT TO THEM” are the ones fronting the defense of Dasam Granth, Jeownwala uses the same terminology used by Nidar – (the interpretation of Mahakaal as Shiva, etc)

these same people are trying to destroy Amrit which Guru Gobind Singh ji himself took by casting doubt on amrit sanchar banis, therefore destroying our entire last 300 years of Sikhi.

The biggest indicator for me that there is something wrong with Nidars leadership is that when teaching in Wolverhampton none of his students used to go and matha tek, instead they claimed they were worshiping their shastars and matha tek’d to them, as if there could be any substitute, without Guru Granth Sahib ji our weapons mean nothing, what do we defend?

the most shocking thing that i have found is that Nidar and his students claim immunity from the rules and regulations that we all hold sacred because apparently they are “KASHATRIYAS” (Ancient Warriors), therefore not subject to the same constraints and rules as everyone else, hence the “everything goes – mauja maro” attitude.

the problem I have with this is, they are kashatriyas of which army? and fighting which battle?, while living in your central heated houses with kfc buckets and hot water baths, what sangarsh, what struggle, what do you stand for? where is the line? like baba deep singh jis line , what are you prepared to do to help Sikhi, fight off the panth dokhis…….. where are these kashatriyas when they are needed?

well they are too busy kissing the namdhari behind, so they don’t get kicked out from coventry road Namdhari building, calling the namdhari leader “SATGURU” and therefore belittling Sat Guru Granth Sahib Ji the True Satguru that sits on the throne of Guru Nanak’s Khalsa.

The truth is that Nidars students don’t give a crap about anything, they don’t believe in the Sikh Human rights struggle, they don’t believe that Sikhs in India are discriminated against, they are not prepared to fight for nothing , so what is the point of a warrior who believes in nothing, who fights for nothing, Nidar openly mocks our freedom fighters and shaheeds what use are his weapons? what use is his shastervidiya if he takes away your belief and your Sikhi? and they don’t even believe in fighting.

the few people who stood up against the regime of their time during the last 40 years, just as Guru Gobind Singh ji had done, and this one lone lost warrior NIdar emerges critisicing the ones who made sacrifices and claims himself the last Sikh warrior – what a joke! warriors are judged on their performance in battle and sacrifices made not how quick they can dial police and make a complaint.

once when talking to them(Nidars Students) they said oh we don’t care about all that stuff, we only care about the martial art, well I said that is the problem because I care about SIKHI.

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  1. Good Afternoon,

    What a wonderful Shakespearean picture you have painted. Feel like giving you a hug! Hope your well, keep up the bad journalism and miss information. The comedic value of your bile is getting better.

  2. Basing my view entirely objectively, with no bias, these statements do seem true. Those from Nidar’s camp should not be offended if these are the acts that they stand by, then they should stand by them. It is one thing to do the act and confess to doing it openly, it is another to doing an act and then completely argue the notion that you are not. In most civilised parts of the world, this is called ‘Dishonesty’, putting it politely. There is no “Shakespeareanism” involved here.

    It is true that there have been several attacks on Sikhi now and in the past, yet these ‘khastriya warriors’ (again, using the term objectively, as that is evidently what the refer to themselves as) have done little to defend the Guru’s legacy in any way. Not even a whisper of protest against injustice, against the massacre of thousands of sikh men, women and children, not a word against the tyranny of thousands, not a raise of the sword (or any of the 60 he owns) to signify a stance against oppression happening in Punjab right now. Warriors – indeed. Go on – cry “bruuahhhhh” – how brave you are.

    Currently we are fighting a “war” with the very monsters who are using our sikh women and sexually grooming them (british pakinstani muslims have been verified to be at the forefront by authorities – see sources and news). Nidar would not even consider the notion of helping in this battle – even with his 60-plus shastars (weapons/swords). His comment of a ‘nihang being a lion and should copulate with any women he sees fit’ is very goonish mentality and not beholding of the knights of old (western) who were created to help the poor and defenceless and uphold honour. These “knights” of Guru Gobind Singh were created to abide by the same rules, not train yourself all day, trains other for money, teach how to pick-pocket and loot, chatka a goat in the early afternoon and have a drink in the evening.

    One could argue that even with all the alleged political agenda involved with Sant Jarnail Singh Bindrawale as mentioned by Nidar’s camp, he still stood up to tyranny in the form of Ghandi. The evidence was still there even in letters of protest against his disgust at Ghandi’s tactics which raped and killed many. If Nidar’s camp could show me some evidence that they were active in this battle against great injustice and tyranny, then perhaps I could back him up. Unfortunately, I cannot, as there only seems to be the contrary. I cannot think of any other acts of crime more suited to this warrior to fight against, yet he does the opposite. He does not like Bindrawale, that is a simple fact, no bias involved. He is after all, allowed to express his opinion, as are others.

    Using this example in context, the only care these martial artists have is to their martial art. That is it. Again, this is no bias – as personally they would agree.
    It is true that there is a significant lack of matha-tek to the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, doing this to just the shastars does not suffice. Thanks to the original article for bringing up the question: What do we defend? How are we helping humanity?
    Our shaheeds are there who fought the British Raj also against the injustice suffered by the Sikhs. I do not recall anyone in Nidar’s camp ever mentioning anything in the remotest that they have done to help other Sikhs, in any way. The only thing they have done is offer shastar vidiya martial arts – and even that comes at a price that one is not obliged, but “expected” to pay for the classes. Nothing is free.

    Without a doubt Nidar is very highly skilled, spending countless hours and years practising this martial art. But until the day I see him fight for something other than himself and his prospering reputation amongst the goreh martial artists – I will have to wait, and wait, and wait – well, doesn’t look like it is coming does it?

    Nidar argues about ‘British Raj’ take-over Sikhi in the past, fair enough, we’ll take that into account, but the very people he associates with to enhance his martial arts reputation and career are – goreh! The Westerners love him. Going on Discovery channel and such media to spread his information through ‘British Raj’ channels and self-aggrandizing himself and the art- Nidar’s goons – let me ask you a question, isn’t that hypocritical?

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