Nidar tries to bully Somerset Rd Gurdwara after they cancel his class

first a few comments on the letter – basically the letter is not a fake – I have confirmed with Baba Joginder Singh, Jathedar of Budha Dal, when he was in the UK a few weeks ago, Giani Kirpal Singh of Stratford Road Gurdwara Sparkhill (a chardi klaa HariaVela Nihang) phoned Baba Nihal Singh ji and he confirmed that he signed the letter and added that he was disappointed that the letter wasn’t issued earlier to restrain this evil character. Mohan Singh of the Sikh Awareness Society also phoned Baba Harnam Singh Of Damdami Taksal and Sant Samaaj who also confirmed that yes he did sign this letter. Just two signatures remain to be confirmed.

In light of the above mentioned letter and publicity of nefarious teachings on his website, Last Monday 29th October Nidar’s Classes at Somerset Road Gurdwara were immediately cancelled by the Gurdwara Committee. Nidar threw a hissy fit and refused to leave, he tried to bully the Committee, but they were unimpressed by his aggression and did not allow him intimidate them. Instead they informed his students that this is the last class that will take place, please do not come back next week.

Nidar Singh in defiance said that he would defy the committees wishes and return with 30 of his students to force his way into the Gurdwara to hold his class. The elders and committee members said “if you are going to come then you had better be ready for us”

I commend the Somerset Road Gurdwara committee as they did not know anything about this  Nidar Singh, but as soon as they learned the truth, they took action. So to support the Gurdwara committee a group of like minded Peaceful Sikhs will be convening on Somerset Road Gurdwara on Monday 5th November at 7pm to show our support for the Gurdwara and make sure that the Gurdwara Committee are not bullied or pushed around for doing their duty as Gurdwara Sevadars and protecting the sangat.

We are requesting all the sangat to join us at the Gurdwara and let us show our support to the committee, and to peacefully protest against the snatan Hindu-Sikh shastarvidiya Cult which is insulting to both Sikhs and Hindus.

The sangat will not allow Nidar into our Gurdwaras. If Nidar does turn up he will be politely and peacefully removed.

Gur Bar akaaal! Sat Sree Akaal

4 thoughts on “Nidar tries to bully Somerset Rd Gurdwara after they cancel his class”

  1. Taranjit (from B21) – I agree, I think we should go to all Gurdwara’s and stop all excersie classes like this one. What has it ever done for humanity and health.

    EXCERCISE IS NO GOOD . . . . Down to excersise ! STOP IT EVERYWHERE!

    1. actually im from B20 not B21 . i excersize all the time we are not against excersize maryada we are against dodgy self proclaimed babey.

  2. Just peacefully posted this message of love to the last sikh masters facebook page…

    Your times up…the quality of your Gurfateh is a great indication of the quality of your Gursikhi… Lets see if your class goes ahead at Somerset Road tomorrow!!!
    Last Sikh Master??? Your a joke… did you think that the saadh sangat would let you continue to corrupt the sikh youth.
    Your neeti has been met…
    Baba Tarnjeet Singh and the rest of the sangat have no hate or animosity with you.. we have no personal grudge with you… in fact we wish you the best of luck in life…. but we and the great majority of stable minded, balanced, gurbani and rehit marayada loving gursangat will not allow you to destroy the lives of sikh youth.
    Take your teachings elsewhere…the Churches and the naamdhari sangat will also soon follow suit… BheeiJeetMeri KripaKaalKeri..
    We hope to peacefully destroy the movement that you are making great financial gains from…and at the same time destroying and laughing at the Sikh youth that cries after doing your sangat.
    The time has come.. for you to prepare your CV and start applying for a proper job…earning your living…kirt karni…rather than selling knowledge which is inherently unauthentic…
    Guru Nanak Guru Gobind Singh Naam Chardi Kala tere Bhane sarbat da pala…
    We wish you the best in life…
    Dhan Guru Nanak

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