Proof of an evolving made up art not an ancient one

I have been acccused in the first article where I refer to Niddars changing and adding to his origiinal message of 12 years ago when I first came across him. A really lovely Singh I know sent me an old document entitled “The Fighting Traditions And Fighting Arts Of
The Traditional Sikh Warriors” published in 1998. Where the ancient art is called “Chatka Gatka”.

You can download the PDF here

first off he signs the book as

“Chatka Gatka Ustad Nihang Nirdr Singh
Siri Budha Dal and Tarna Dal”

There are 30 chapters but if you  look at the first 9 chapters

Chapter 1    History of the Akali Nihangs 7
Chapter 2    Mythological Origins of Chatka Gatka 32
Chapter 3    Chatka Gatka 40
Chapter 4    Basic Teaching Method of Chatka Gatka 46
Chapter 5    Sher Pentra Of Chatka Gatka 51
Chapter 6    Analytical Study Of Guru Hargobinds Pentras as Found in Soorj Prkash .
Chapter 7    Chatka Gatka Ustads , Akharas and the ideology behind teaching of Chatka Gatka 70
Chapter 8    Some Chatka Gatka Terminology 74
Chapter 9    Some weapons of Chatka Gatka 77

So why the change in name and philosophy, Hatka, Chatka Gatka, shastarvidiya, snatan shastarvidiya, then shiv akhara. Slowly as Niddar reead more books and had more ideas he concocted a school of thought over various years including things he found and learnt along the way which could seem to be from ancient origins.

So according to Niddar in 1998

Nihang oral tradition holds when Guru Nanak went to Sach Khand ( Gods True court ) and received Shabd Vidya ( Knowledge of holy word ) from Vahguru . He then also recieved Kshtriya Vidya ( Chatka Gatka) from Vahguru Mahakal…. Thus like Bani (Sikh scriptures ) Chatka Gatka is also Dhur Dee Vidiya ( Knowledge direct from Vah Guru ). Hence any cruption or deliberate alteration of it in Akali Nihang eyes is a great evil .

So if Chatka Gatka is so sacred and ancient why did Niddar change the name? and also why is  it not mentioned at all in the current 2012 Shastarvidiya .org website.

To further elaborate Shiv Akhara is not mentioned anywhere in this 1998 document , and neither is snatan in the context of his Gatka.

Read the document and you will see something completely different to the sensationalist tabloid style current website and articles.


One thought on “Proof of an evolving made up art not an ancient one”

  1. Ek Oankaar Sri Vaheguru Jee Ki Fateh

    Sri Akal Purakh Jee Sahai

    The names of this “so called” ancient vidiya changes more times than colour of Chameleons skin.

    Actually the term “Social Chameleon” fits very well to this individual.

    Soon a mass of correspondance will be landing at the institution that fund this Charlatan, expressing the views and concerns of the sangat; that in fact this Social Chameleon is corrupting our youth as opposed to educating it.

    What a hypocrit???? This man should be the Gurdev of Maha Hypocrit Akhara…telling the youth the British are the enemy and then opening his wallet to recieve thousands of pounds in funding from the British Government.

    The Sacha Tat Khalsa fauj is in the process of sending you back to work in the chicken slaughter house…get your CV ready.

    You have corrupted the youth for far too long.

    But still we do Ardaas for you and cult followers.

    Dhan Satguru Nanak..Tuhi Nirankaar

    Dassn Dass

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