Real Warriors vs Fake Warriors

Many people talk of warriors, weapons, battle, bravery and martial arts, but very few put their money where their mouth is and campaign and fight and sacrifice for what they beleive in. Anyoen can CLAIM to be a great warrior, especially in the comfort of their semi detached homes living in England with no real threat to your human rights issues to speak of.

It has become a sort of fashion these days to don the garb of warriors, dress up in costume and take impressive pictures of yourself, and its easy to act hard, and show some fancy moves but very few who stand up when it is needed and when it counts. Very few who even stand up and will support their own people due to fear of being reprimanded or branded a dissenter.

This is to those that did and still do – they are the real warriors. I hope to learn martial arts from them, the martial art of Life and how to be righteous and fight for the human rights of all people regardless of their caste colour or creed, even when others will not do so , and even when you most probably will not survive. To be a warrior is not to just know how to wield a sword, but to stand on the path of righteousness even when you will lose everything you have. Being a warrior is fighting the un-winnable fight and conquering this mortal life.


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Now I am no warrior, and have never claimed myself to one, but  I would say to Nidar(the “lost” Sikh warrior) and his students, who in their ego – think themselves the original warriors, the only ones who know the real truth, the special few who have “THE ART” and the ancient knowledge of weaponry and how “original” Sikhi was.

…that anyone can learn to swing a sword and talk fancy pentra names, but it takes a REAL warrior to stand up to a mighty force, to an entire corrupt empire or government , only a Singh with the roar of the khalsa spirit in their heart could do such a thing. A Giddar could never perform such acts.

The global Sikh Sangat has arisen recently and demand justice for unfair treatment, lack of justice and human rights abuses in India, yet Nidar on his websites continues to insult us and worse of all insults the very people who sacrificed everything for Sikhi.

The Real Jathedar of Budha Dal chosen by Baba Santa SinghFurther proof is the fact that their own leader of the Budha Dal Baba Surjit Singh languishes in jail and the Nihangs react with the same apathy they displayed during 1984. Why isn’t this great warrior, the last Sikh Warrior campaigning for his General, – Baba Surjit Singh Ji’s release. In all his recent videos he mentions him not even once. What about a collection for their langar.

Other Nihangs from UK have set-up a website informing everyone and collecting money to support Baba Surjeet Singh and provide langar for them while most of the India Nihangs have sold out turned their backs,

Even as foreigners and world agencies come forward to show their support for the appalling human rights situation in India against minorities, I listen out for the Nidar crew to see if our “Sanatan Warriors” will support our cause…. but they remain eerily silent.

Instead they blast our own freedom fighters as terrorists and they mock the Sikh Sangat for supporting the cases of Professor Bhullar, Bhai Rajoana and the illegal execution of Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra a non-combatant and human rights campaigner, who tirelessly campaigned for justice for victims of 1984 genocide.

What use is a weapon that removes the will to fight?

I see no use for Nidar’s martial art or this type of warrior, give me a common man with a roar in his heart for justice any day of the week, and just like the beautiful Singhs above they will roar like lions.

Punjab Police Officer admits that Fake encounters were authorised by Police officials

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