University Sikh Societies joint statement about Nidar in 2004

Below you will see that Nidar is no stranger to controversy, in 2004 he cleverly mis-used Sikhs society names to hold seminars in London universities as part of a lecture series. Please read the joint statement from the Sikh Societies below once they realised the nature of Nidars seminars.

Sikh Societies Joint Statement on ‘Traditional to modern British Raj Sikhism’ Lecture Series and ‘Snatan Sikhs’

28 November 2004

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

In recent weeks the Institute of Sikh Martial Heritage have organised a four-lecture series entitled ‘Traditional to modern British Raj Sikhism’ to take place at a number of London universities. The sole speaker for the lecture series is Mr Niddar Singh.

Promotional material for this event which has been circulated electronically and via flyers has stated that the lecture series is supported by a number of London-based Sikh Societies.

Members of our London-based Sikh Society committees were approached by associates of Mr Niddar Singh to book venues on their behalf, but without specifying the theme or nature of the lectures. It was only after the above mentioned promotional literature was circulated that we became aware of the precise nature of these events.

We would like to make clear to all concerned that contrary to the false advertisement and rumours that are being circulated; we did not and will not support this lecture series, the Institute of Sikh Martial Heritage or Mr Niddar Singh.

We have informed the relevant Student Unions that the below listed London-based Sikh Societies do not wish to be associated with this lecture series or the organisers, and that all venues booked under their Society in relation to this lecture series be cancelled immediately.

In addition to the London-based Sikh Societies, we would like to categorically state that the Societies listed below do not wish to associate themselves with the Institute of Sikh Martial He

ritage, Mr Niddar Singh or any other group promoting him.

With respect to misrepresenting the Sikh Societies, we demand that the Institute of Sikh Martial Heritage issue a written apology to all Sikh Societies concerned.

On Behalf of the following Sikh Societies,

  • Kings College London Sikh Society
  • University College London Sikh Society
  • London School of Economics Sikh Society
  • Imperial College London Sikh Society
  • Cambridge University Sikh Society
  • Oxford University Sikh Society
  • Hertfordshire University Sikh Society
  • Brunel University Sikh Society
  • City University Sikh Society
  • Luton University Sikh Society
  • London Metropolitan University Sikh Society
  • Kingston University Sikh Society
  • Richmond College Sikh Society


2 thoughts on “University Sikh Societies joint statement about Nidar in 2004”

  1. Keep up this important task because the youngsters are becoming under the influence of a cult which advocates intoxication by Bhang etc. to get into a warrior mode.
    Nidar and his clouts must be stopped from straying the young Sikhs.

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