Nidar finally confirms his RSS links

In his 2016 new year message Nidar Singh the ustad of the now fake Shastarvidiya Baba Darbara Singh Ranjit Akhara, exposed his own links to the RSS Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a rightwing hindu nationalist organisation in India.

Microsoft Word - Akhara News Letter Dec 2015 - edited by NS.docx

In addition to this he has shown his true colours by abandoning his wife and children and eloping to Germany with a young lady from the 3HO organisation.

He claims that along with the support of the 3HO organisation in India he will be spreading his santan shastarvidiya to keep india a kshatriya nation. he then claims to be independent from politics yet has always maligned sikh activists and supported hindutva ideology.

The Hindu hardline RSS who see Modi as their own BBC Report

RSS India’s No.1 Terror Group: Former Mumbai Police Officer

Ex Student of Nidar tells why he left

This is an eyewitness account from one of Nidar’s ex students talking about his experiences and why he left Nidars Cult like martial arts school. We have hidden the names as we do not have anything personal against anyone we just want to make sure the sangat is informed.


Not sure where to start but here it goes. Alot of his students ate meat and even some of them drank alcohol. He encouraged this behaviour as he saw it was a man thing to do. He really pushed the idea of men being men and men do certain things. Through this thinking the singhs would do silly things which go against Sikhi. A lot of singhs have turned to drugs and alcohol almost addicts, one singh called ******** is always drunk.

I initially was really into nidar and the akhara but that changed after I started to notice certain things. I was one of the very few students that questioned things and I would always take written notes after each lesson. After about a year and a half i noticed that he was changing what he was teaching, especially with new students. I would regularly go back to my written notes and check if I made any mistakes but every time my notes were correct, so that started to put real doubt into what he was actually teaching. He would regularly mock uk jathas like akj, taksal and some of the uk nihangs for some silly things that they be doing, like keeping girlfriends, I suppose this was to show that people do thing behind close doors or maybe some how legitimising the bad things he also encouraged. He would also encourage singhs to wear red tika (colour) on their foreheads and also do hawan pooja or wear hindu related t-shirts to provoke reactions.

After akhara finished Nidar and 1-2 of his senior students would train or discuss things privately, all other students would go home by then. On one occasion I came back to the akhara as my lift home never came. I was nervous about walking back into the main hall as I did not want to disturb, so I stood quietly outside. I could hear what was being said due to the hall having an echo. I heard clearly him talking about upcoming books/projects he was involved in and possible ways to further build his niche as a grand master of shastar vidya. This is where I heard about ******** singh as he mentioned his name, his link to shastar vidya and asked a senior student called S**** and few others to attend a camp he was doing in wolverhampton for holla mohalla in 2012. I found this really weird as it looked like they were spying on people. At this time I did not give it much thought and continued training at the akhara, I suppose I personally still felt happy with what I was getting out of it.

I went to India for a holiday and thats when I came across some wise Nihang Singhs in India who explained to me the recent history of shastar vidya and who actually practised and taught it and that it was a closed circle but not how Nidar made it  look. I also could not find a single account of Nidar’s teacher ever existing or Nidar ever attending the akharas there and that nidar defo didnt attend the nihang dals in his teens as he tells people. I was told that there is only one ranjeet akhara started by guru ji and that they are based in budha dal punjab, Nidar has never learnt from them.

But what tipped me over the edge is when one day I confronted and tried to question nidar on his training. I asked in the middle of the class about the lineage he kept talking about and more about his teacher. This immediately provoked attitude towards me from the other students but still wanted to know as everything at this point felt a bit odd. Basically Nidar just could not answer me and because I got to know him well I could tell when he was avoiding something so it became embarrassing when he kept avoiding the question.

When I first started training with them I also became involved in their ideology, because they push it quite a bit, they make you feel like part of a family and accept you how you are. The biggest thing i felt growing up was the differences between the jathas. I felt the least amount of love and respect from the taksal sangat which I could see had pushed a number of singhs to go to Nidar. I can also say personally that a lot of singhs including me went to nidar because we wanted to learn real shastar vidya and not basic show gatka. If you could help promote pyar between the jathas I think that would help things, but we need a shastar vidya teacher in the uk for this to stop, as singhs will always have an urge to learn shastar vidya. I have tried getting in touch with ******** singh since our last email but he has not got back to me, maybe because he thinks i train with nidar? Not sure if all this helps you or tells you anything new to what you already know, but take it from me something needs to be done, he is taking a lot of people away from sikhi.

written by ********** Singh , Ex student of Nidar

Nidar’s lies exposed by his own book written in 1998

We found a book called “The Fighting Traditions And Fighting Arts Of The Traditional Sikh Warriors” written by Nidar from 1998 when he had not created the sanatan cult and guess what? there is no mention of “SANATAN hindu Sikh Shastarvidiya” actually its used to be called “Chatka Gatka”. there is actually no mention of the word sanatan anywhere I searched the document except for where he recounts one story where some derogatory comments are made about snatni vegetarian hindus who were shocked by dead flesh.

look at the contents page

So as you so evidently can see is that nidar used to teach gatka and then developed it into Chatka gatka and the whole sanatan last ancient master of the arts came about many years later in the UK when he realised he could market it to the west if he faked his own lineage and backstory.

whats more interesting is that no mention of him being a 9th generation shastar vidiya ustad. Surely if he was ordained by Buddha dal he would have known years ago that he was actually the ninth generation. or was that made up later…..

QuoteI Nidar Singh am a fifth generation Ustad of Budha Dal . I received my ashrivad (Blessing) from Baba Santa Singh supreme leader of all Nihangs in 1993 . After eleven years of study and Kmai (hard work ) . When I was taught and now when I teach it is solely to preserve and propagate the ancient true Khalsa Sikh Warrior meaning Shiromni Akali Nihang Budha Dal Panjva thakht’s traditions . (Nidar Singh – 1998 )

QuoteAkali Guru Gobind Singh Ji also personally taught his Sikhs Chatka Gatka . (Nidar Singh  1998)

he also writes some strange stuff about his ustad that he never really knew the guys name or the master never gave him a lineage.

QuoteMy Ustad Ji never told me his name nor did I ask him I referred to him as Baba Ji .

…My own Ustad all ways remained Gupt (Concealed /Anonymous / mysterious) and asked me after he was gone not too seek him and let him remain Gupt . He even went as far as to say do not even speak of him

Nidar Singh (1998)

and this is the bit that is SHOCKING :wow: nidars ustad didnt have a name and never gave nidar thapi and never even told what who his lineage was (until he made it up). he realised that Baba Giana Singh “rabb ji” was a well respected shastarvidiya teacher so latches himself to them .

QuoteHe was known as Rab meaning God . Because of his unmatched Gatka skills , knowledge of weaponry , horses , Gurbani and his fearless honesty . My own Ustad , who was one of his students , all ways referred to him as Rab only . For many years I thought by this he meant God . It was not till latter when I heard Baba Kundan Singh the Jathedar of Baba Deep Singh Shida Dee Missal Pikh Vindi Tarna Dal refer to Baba Gian Singh as Giana Rab . That I realised who my Ustads Gatka teacher was and my Dada Ustad was . Then when Baba Ram Singh another student of Rab Ji saw my Chatka Gatka . He commented this is Chatka Gatka of Baba Savan Singh . Hence my Ustad who never revealed his true name for he was a Gupt Bhangam ( Wondering Nihangs who conceal their identity ) Singh was Baba Gian Singhs student . Akali Nihang Baba Gian Singh Ji died around 1968

(Nidar Singh 1998, )

thing is if you ask the Nihangs Singhs in budha dal they never mention anything of chatka gatka

QuoteMaking a personal profit in any form from Chatka Gatka is forbidden . It is usually hankering for material profit which leads a person to abuse an art , religion ect. (Nidar Singh 1998)

so why all the seminars, music videos blatantly whoring out his mother art to the west and his sudden change of heart that this shastarvidiya is open to everyone etc when in the book he states his ustad and nihangs were secretive and private of the art, so much that his ustad DID NOT EVEN GIVE HIS NAME OR WHICH LINEAGE HE BELONGED TO !! was he YODA by any chance.

There’s just so many lies to sift through I don’t know where to start – his students will never see sense because they want to believe the fantasy and are completely deluded like people in a cult. No matter what proof you give of his obvious lies and fraudulent misuse of nihang ideology and past military successes they just wont see sense because their egos are better served when nidar goes up on a you tube video dancing in a rave video and foreigners go WOW because its a bit exotic and he shows some swords.

the best thing is the evidence is right up on their own website so they cant claim we have changed or doctored it

its there for the meanwhile they might take it down because it proves hes been concocting the story over a few years adding bits here and there. His origin story is clearly bogus which means he has added loads of extra stuff into gatka and sold it to the naive youth of UK as ancient art. other martial artists approve him because hes mostly copied their moves and given them diferent names.

A liar is always a liar though – would you trust him?

OP ED: Snatan or Puratan, Hindu or Sikh….are you confused?

This article was written by Professor Kamalroop Singh in 2008 on his blog –
In the latest book by Parmjit Singh Grewal and Nidar Singh Nihang (Surjit Singh Bains), the authors write:

“NIDAR SINGH NIHANG is the ninth gurdev(teacher) of the Baba Darbara Singh Shastar Vidya Akhara”. Published 2008.

While on the other hand on the website, they state:
“Akali Nihang Baba Darbara Singh Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Ranjit Akhara ” Published 2004.

Please compare with this, published in 2008:

Continue reading OP ED: Snatan or Puratan, Hindu or Sikh….are you confused?

Brief overview of the Sanatan problem in UK

Sanatan outlook and beliefs, when read , do not initially give cause for concern and can seem quite acceptable to most open minded people. While i am sure there are genuine Sanatan Sikhs out there unfortunately there is a darker side to the current resurgence within the UK.

It all sounds great on paper, but in actual practice there are some problems with the rehni behni (lifestyle) of the sanatan groups within the UK, which has caused great concern amongst the rest of the sangat. I have spent a great deal of time amongst some of the fringe members so have a good understanding of how things work. I have also had the pleasure to sit and talk with many of his ex-students who have given us a very good understanding of Nidars practices.

Some Sanatan followers use of alcohol and casual use of drugs has caused a lot of cause for concern in the UK and some Sikhs think that it is better to confront and curb the growth of these practices by educating young sikhs who are potential recruits for the sanatan Cults. Sanatan students also tend to avoid contact with normal sikhs choosing to distance themselves and claim superiority over them.

their main preachers within the UK are Jagdeep Notay (Nihang Teja Singh) and Surjeet Singh Bains (Nidar Singh), a controversial Martial Arts teacher who claims to be the last and only living master of the art of shastarvidiya. His bold claims have been proven to be false, as baba pritam singh an elder generation student of Baba Giana Singh(nidars grandmaster) still teaches in Patiala. Nidars master also did not spend much time with the grandmaster – Baba Giana Singh lived and taught amongst the Nihang dals for a majority of his life. Therefore it is very unlikely that there are were not other practitioners of Shastarvidiya. A more plausible scenario is that Nidar was the first to market the art to the west by embellishing it with various other martial arts and a tempting origin story. An attempt to make it more palatable to a western audience.

Surjeet Bains first came to fame 12 years ago when he very egotistically offered to challenge all other Gatka ustads. A challenge that was neither legally possible nor the rules enforceable by any judge or martial arts body meaning he could claim himself unchallenged.

Surjeet Bains cleverly claimed himself to be a Nihang and sold the sanatan ideology as the way of the Nihangs philosophy. News of his exploits soon reached back to india and the Nihangs rejected his ideology and do not accept him as one of their own. The Nihang groups in India wrote a letter disowning him and called for him to be reprimanded by the Akaal Takht Sahib. The letter was confirmed with 4 of the 5 jathedars who signed the letter.

Surjeet Bains also upset a majority of the Sikh Sangat by ridiculing and insulting their traditions and beliefs therefore ruling out 95% of the sikh population from ever learning his martial art. His criticism of well known and respected shaheed Singhs such as Bhai Fauja Singh and Sant Jarnail Singh has further offended a majority of Sikhs who celebrate and respect their sacrifice. This has distanced them from from the wider sangat and caused many Sikhs to actively campaign against their movement. to this day they refuse to take down these offensive comments.

He has been known to make spurious claims that Sikhs are not a separate faith but a part of the wider Hindu religion. He even named his martial arts school”Hindu-Sikh Shastarvidiya”. His previous Shastarvidiya website took many quotes from gurbani out of context and even changed some meanings to claim the Sikh gurus where in fact worshipping hindu deities. Once these were brought to light his classes were banned from various sikh Gurdwaras. As he realised he was losing support and students he proceeded to drop the “Hindu” description from his name and then replaced his website with one containing content that would be more acceptable to the sikh audience, in a bid to regroup lost numbers.

They seem to place a large emphasis on the physical and are very sceptical of spirituality and mysticism, which is why they cling to history and are obsessed with what some people might have practised in 1800’s rather then what the Guru prescribed within Gurbani or Rehitnamas. They have been known to reject spiritual practices altogether stating that they are unnecessary for a soldier.

These type of Sanatan group are very small in number but they are supported by organisations such as UKPHA, Kashi House and GT1588, which are 3 diferent names for the same organisation, who promote sanatan ideology by covertly implanting it in their books, publications and exhibitions. They recently won £430,000 worth of Lottery funding to do a project on Sikhs in the World Wars.

Essentially anyone that believes in the timelessness and universality of Truth can claim to be sanatan. I believe as per gurbani that the devtey and rakhsish existed and Gurus wrote about them in gurbani as examples. But we do not worship them we only worship akaal purkh who is aad sach jugaad sach habhi sach nanak hosi bhi sach. I believe that truth has always been but it is named different in all ages, so there is no Hindu or Musalmaan or Sikh in Gods eyes. I believe that every form has Gods light including the prophets, devtey and all people and beings that have existed. I am quite open minded and liberal in my views, so in a way I could call myself sanatan aswell.

The flavour of snatan ideology taught by nidar, seems to be more of a ploy by Nidar to mislead the youth and grow the ranks of his personal cult which opens up reht maryada to an epic level of looseness – virtually no rules whatsoever. Further evidence of this is that he is only surrounded by young people as there are no respected elders who join his group or who endorse him.

we still have no hatred for Nidar and his students we just hope they will see sense and take heed of gurbani and work for the support of the sangat and betterment of the panth rather then being so narrow minded and only serving their own gain through martial arts.

More detailed information can be found here
this website was setup to counter Nidars views from his website – nidar and his students often claiming to be universal and against fanaticism or fanatical Sikhs, but we received the same sort of fanatical threats and offers of duels and fights to the death to prove ourself from his own group. When asked what the parameters of the challenge would be we received no reply. various underhand tactics have been used by nidars group such as reporting us to counter terrorism unit and calling the workplace of a fellow researcher claiming him to be a gang member.

Living 8th Generation Master of Shastarvidiya

We still haven’t received a reply from Nidar or his students regarding the information released earlier regarding the other practitioners of Shastarvidiya which share the same lineage as him and are all alive and well in India. How can he still claim himself the “LAST SIKH WARRIOR OF SHASTARVIDIYA” when he clearly is not.

Sant Baba Giana Singh Shastarvidiya Ustad
sant baba gian singh student of Baba Giana Singh

Baba Pritam Singh ji the living 8th generation master of Shastarvidiya

Here are existing 9th generation Shastarvidiya students of the Ranjit Akhara Patiala, students of 8th generation baba Pritam Singh, GRAND-STUDENTS of Baba Giana Singh (7th Generation Shastarvidiya Ustad)

The Real Last Sikh Warrior !

Today Marks one of the most Shocking cases of the disappeared Sikhs of Panjab.
Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra
The real last Sikh Warrior & Sikh Human Rights Activist

The Person investigating the cases becomes a victim of the Panjab Police.

Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra : A Human Rights Activist, A Sevadar and Becon of Light for the Disappeared. who had challenged the darkness by exposing the Indian government, in how the innocent Sikh youth in India were being killed. Bhai Sahib attained shaheedi on 6th September 1995. to read about Bhai Sahib’s findings, jeevan and an interview with Bhai Sahib’s singhni, please go to the link below:

Jaswant Singh Khalra’s grandfather Harnam Singh was an activist in the Ghadar movement for the independence of India. Jaswant Singh is survived by his wife, Paramjit Kaur Khalra and two children.

18 years ago Sardar Jaswant Singh Kalra Ji was washing his car outside his home in Punjab when a police jeep under orders from K P S Gill pulled up and abducted him.

Jaswant Singh Kalra was never seen again! He was tortured and murder, his body was disposed of by the police.

His crime was that he spoke the truth. By going to the cremation grounds and looking at the records of those that supplied wood to be used for cremations he was able to prove that Punjab police was abducting thousands of young Sikhs and killing then cremating them.

Jaswant Singh Kalra was speaking out and being listened to across the globe and this was dangerous for the authorities so they had him murdered.
Six police officers have been tried to date, five are serving life sentences and one has been acquitted. They all say they were acting under direct orders from K P S Gill. This butcher needs to be brought to book. Will this happen? I doubt it, he has so much protection from central government that it is rumoured that he lives in a place so secret that the average public are kept 50 kilometres away!!

Bhai Sahibs Speech to Canadian parliament 1995 – MUST WATCH




and we hope to have even a ounce of the anakh and bahaduri that you had,
the shockwave of your shaheedi is still felt today.

Historic Speech of Jagmeet Singh on The Day Canada’s NDP Recognized Jaswant Singh Khalra, An Important Human Rights Defender in 2013

Jagmeet Singh is an Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Truth is highest, but higher is truthful living