Guru Gobind Singh jis view of Snatan Hindu vidya and deities

These are some excerpts from Guru Gobind Singh Jis own words from Dasam Granth. Clearly we can see from these that Guru Gobind singh ji only worshiped the almighty Vaheguru and bowed to noone else

Guru Gobind Singh ji translated stories about the devi, devtey because it is a part of the history of the world but he did not worship any of them.

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But why? Shastar Vidiya

I came across Niddar and his crew around 12 or so years ago, and he seemed like a harmless enough guy, had some crazy ideas and didn’t give it much thought. Many of my friends started learning what started off as Gatka, then became Hatka, then became, Jhatka Gatka, then became Shastar Vidiya, then became Hindu Sikh Snatam Shastar Vidiya. Things changed a lot, and as other martial artists started to attend, Niddar started to assimilate their techniques into what he claimed was an ancient complete martial art. “old words new meanings”. What we see today from shastarvidiya is a development over the last ten years. Being someone who has seen the transition in style, I can tell you that Niddar moves differently now and his techniques have changed and new ones have been introduced. Now there is nothing wrong with adaption and evolution of a style, indeed it is needed for a style to remain current and relevant. However, for martial arts purists as Niddar claims to be, this is a problem. If he had learned and ancient and unadulterated style from the last master years ago, where is the new material coming from? Why the change in name and philosophy?

So whats the problem? let him carry on, hes only teaching martial arts

Well the proof came over time, for myself anyway. I am a pretty chilled out guy, and very open to diversity and oneness. But over time, I started to see altogether sinister change in the people who went to train with him. Dear friends of mine who had become Niddars students started to change in their behaviour in their outlook and gradually I found it harder and harder to sit with them. Their practices continued to shock me and other people who approached me to discuss it. Being unable to defend the behavior and words of my old friends, I didn’t know what to say other than: “the Gurus Sikhs do not do this kind of thing”. It just didn’t seem right.
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Last Sikh Warrior?

Have to say that when I wasnt laughing at the ridiculous “kung-fu master” of this story I found this one pretty offensive, as it implies that there are no more Nihangs or Sikh warriors left in the whole of the world.

So are we all dead? Sarey Singh Margey? How can Nidar come along and make such an egotistical and offensive remark and question our ability, allegiance and dedication to the Guru and to the Khalsa that we are not also warriors and willing to serve the guru

When Guru Gobind Singh ji Baptised the Panj Pyarey they were not trained martial artists they were normal people, but they were willing to give their head for Dharam and their Guru. Every Sikh who loves their Guru and their Sikhi is the last Sikh warrior in the eyes of the Guru so this statement is a foolish one to make. The Guru said that “chiri naal baaj larau” that he will make the common man fight the hunters.

When Bhai Dulla came to Guru Gobind Singh Ji to show off his warriors, Guru Gobind Singh ji asked him to bring forth some soldiers so that he could test his gun, and none of dullas famous soldiers stepped forward, yet two Singhs from the kitchens came running to take a bullet for the Guru.

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