Nidar’s lies exposed by his own book written in 1998

We found a book called “The Fighting Traditions And Fighting Arts Of The Traditional Sikh Warriors” written by Nidar from 1998 when he had not created the sanatan cult and guess what? there is no mention of “SANATAN hindu Sikh Shastarvidiya” actually its used to be called “Chatka Gatka”. there is actually no mention of the word sanatan anywhere I searched the document except for where he recounts one story where some derogatory comments are made about snatni vegetarian hindus who were shocked by dead flesh.

look at the contents page

So as you so evidently can see is that nidar used to teach gatka and then developed it into Chatka gatka and the whole sanatan last ancient master of the arts came about many years later in the UK when he realised he could market it to the west if he faked his own lineage and backstory.

whats more interesting is that no mention of him being a 9th generation shastar vidiya ustad. Surely if he was ordained by Buddha dal he would have known years ago that he was actually the ninth generation. or was that made up later…..

QuoteI Nidar Singh am a fifth generation Ustad of Budha Dal . I received my ashrivad (Blessing) from Baba Santa Singh supreme leader of all Nihangs in 1993 . After eleven years of study and Kmai (hard work ) . When I was taught and now when I teach it is solely to preserve and propagate the ancient true Khalsa Sikh Warrior meaning Shiromni Akali Nihang Budha Dal Panjva thakht’s traditions . (Nidar Singh – 1998 )

QuoteAkali Guru Gobind Singh Ji also personally taught his Sikhs Chatka Gatka . (Nidar Singh  1998)

he also writes some strange stuff about his ustad that he never really knew the guys name or the master never gave him a lineage.

QuoteMy Ustad Ji never told me his name nor did I ask him I referred to him as Baba Ji .

…My own Ustad all ways remained Gupt (Concealed /Anonymous / mysterious) and asked me after he was gone not too seek him and let him remain Gupt . He even went as far as to say do not even speak of him

Nidar Singh (1998)

and this is the bit that is SHOCKING :wow: nidars ustad didnt have a name and never gave nidar thapi and never even told what who his lineage was (until he made it up). he realised that Baba Giana Singh “rabb ji” was a well respected shastarvidiya teacher so latches himself to them .

QuoteHe was known as Rab meaning God . Because of his unmatched Gatka skills , knowledge of weaponry , horses , Gurbani and his fearless honesty . My own Ustad , who was one of his students , all ways referred to him as Rab only . For many years I thought by this he meant God . It was not till latter when I heard Baba Kundan Singh the Jathedar of Baba Deep Singh Shida Dee Missal Pikh Vindi Tarna Dal refer to Baba Gian Singh as Giana Rab . That I realised who my Ustads Gatka teacher was and my Dada Ustad was . Then when Baba Ram Singh another student of Rab Ji saw my Chatka Gatka . He commented this is Chatka Gatka of Baba Savan Singh . Hence my Ustad who never revealed his true name for he was a Gupt Bhangam ( Wondering Nihangs who conceal their identity ) Singh was Baba Gian Singhs student . Akali Nihang Baba Gian Singh Ji died around 1968

(Nidar Singh 1998, )

thing is if you ask the Nihangs Singhs in budha dal they never mention anything of chatka gatka

QuoteMaking a personal profit in any form from Chatka Gatka is forbidden . It is usually hankering for material profit which leads a person to abuse an art , religion ect. (Nidar Singh 1998)

so why all the seminars, music videos blatantly whoring out his mother art to the west and his sudden change of heart that this shastarvidiya is open to everyone etc when in the book he states his ustad and nihangs were secretive and private of the art, so much that his ustad DID NOT EVEN GIVE HIS NAME OR WHICH LINEAGE HE BELONGED TO !! was he YODA by any chance.

There’s just so many lies to sift through I don’t know where to start – his students will never see sense because they want to believe the fantasy and are completely deluded like people in a cult. No matter what proof you give of his obvious lies and fraudulent misuse of nihang ideology and past military successes they just wont see sense because their egos are better served when nidar goes up on a you tube video dancing in a rave video and foreigners go WOW because its a bit exotic and he shows some swords.

the best thing is the evidence is right up on their own website so they cant claim we have changed or doctored it

its there for the meanwhile they might take it down because it proves hes been concocting the story over a few years adding bits here and there. His origin story is clearly bogus which means he has added loads of extra stuff into gatka and sold it to the naive youth of UK as ancient art. other martial artists approve him because hes mostly copied their moves and given them diferent names.

A liar is always a liar though – would you trust him?