Ex Student of Nidar tells why he left

This is an eyewitness account from one of Nidar’s ex students talking about his experiences and why he left Nidars Cult like martial arts school. We have hidden the names as we do not have anything personal against anyone we just want to make sure the sangat is informed.


Not sure where to start but here it goes. Alot of his students ate meat and even some of them drank alcohol. He encouraged this behaviour as he saw it was a man thing to do. He really pushed the idea of men being men and men do certain things. Through this thinking the singhs would do silly things which go against Sikhi. A lot of singhs have turned to drugs and alcohol almost addicts, one singh called ******** is always drunk.

I initially was really into nidar and the akhara but that changed after I started to notice certain things. I was one of the very few students that questioned things and I would always take written notes after each lesson. After about a year and a half i noticed that he was changing what he was teaching, especially with new students. I would regularly go back to my written notes and check if I made any mistakes but every time my notes were correct, so that started to put real doubt into what he was actually teaching. He would regularly mock uk jathas like akj, taksal and some of the uk nihangs for some silly things that they be doing, like keeping girlfriends, I suppose this was to show that people do thing behind close doors or maybe some how legitimising the bad things he also encouraged. He would also encourage singhs to wear red tika (colour) on their foreheads and also do hawan pooja or wear hindu related t-shirts to provoke reactions.

After akhara finished Nidar and 1-2 of his senior students would train or discuss things privately, all other students would go home by then. On one occasion I came back to the akhara as my lift home never came. I was nervous about walking back into the main hall as I did not want to disturb, so I stood quietly outside. I could hear what was being said due to the hall having an echo. I heard clearly him talking about upcoming books/projects he was involved in and possible ways to further build his niche as a grand master of shastar vidya. This is where I heard about ******** singh as he mentioned his name, his link to shastar vidya and asked a senior student called S**** and few others to attend a camp he was doing in wolverhampton for holla mohalla in 2012. I found this really weird as it looked like they were spying on people. At this time I did not give it much thought and continued training at the akhara, I suppose I personally still felt happy with what I was getting out of it.

I went to India for a holiday and thats when I came across some wise Nihang Singhs in India who explained to me the recent history of shastar vidya and who actually practised and taught it and that it was a closed circle but not how Nidar made it  look. I also could not find a single account of Nidar’s teacher ever existing or Nidar ever attending the akharas there and that nidar defo didnt attend the nihang dals in his teens as he tells people. I was told that there is only one ranjeet akhara started by guru ji and that they are based in budha dal punjab, Nidar has never learnt from them.

But what tipped me over the edge is when one day I confronted and tried to question nidar on his training. I asked in the middle of the class about the lineage he kept talking about and more about his teacher. This immediately provoked attitude towards me from the other students but still wanted to know as everything at this point felt a bit odd. Basically Nidar just could not answer me and because I got to know him well I could tell when he was avoiding something so it became embarrassing when he kept avoiding the question.

When I first started training with them I also became involved in their ideology, because they push it quite a bit, they make you feel like part of a family and accept you how you are. The biggest thing i felt growing up was the differences between the jathas. I felt the least amount of love and respect from the taksal sangat which I could see had pushed a number of singhs to go to Nidar. I can also say personally that a lot of singhs including me went to nidar because we wanted to learn real shastar vidya and not basic show gatka. If you could help promote pyar between the jathas I think that would help things, but we need a shastar vidya teacher in the uk for this to stop, as singhs will always have an urge to learn shastar vidya. I have tried getting in touch with ******** singh since our last email but he has not got back to me, maybe because he thinks i train with nidar? Not sure if all this helps you or tells you anything new to what you already know, but take it from me something needs to be done, he is taking a lot of people away from sikhi.

written by ********** Singh , Ex student of Nidar