Closer Look at Nidar’s Lineage

The truth About “the Last Sikh Warrior”

nidar liesNidar claims to be the 9th Gurdev in line to the great “Ranjit Akhara” of the Nihang Singhs  which he has also chosen  to rename as the ” Hindu-Sikh Akali Nihang Baba Darbara Singh Sanatan Suraj Bansia Shastar Vidiya Shiv Akhara”. In addition to this he also claims to be the last exponent of the art of shastarvidiya. He has also once again changed the name of his Akhara removing the “Hindu-Sikh” moniker and sticking with Snatan Shastarvidiya.

he also claims “He is the sole-surviving master and ninth teacher (gurdev) of a classical school of learning established in 1661” while selling tickets for his seminars.

for reference please view the following articles – Daily Mail , BBC NEWS
and this video where he blatantly says there are no known practitioners of the art

He claims his lineage as the following; – Old Website / New Website

1.Akali Nihang Baba Darbara Singh (who also learned from Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji)
2. Akali Nihang Baba Budh Singh Ji
3. Akali Nihang Baba Sukha Singh Ji
4. Akali Nihang Baba Lakha Singh Ji
5. Akali Nihang Baba Sawan Singh ‘Bangroo’
6. Akali Nihang Baba Mangal Singh Ji
7. Akali Nihang Baba Giana Singh aka ‘Rabb Ji’
8. Akali Nihang Baba Mohinder Singh Ji aka ‘Katapa Singh’
9. Nihang Niddar Singh Ji (present ‘Gurdev’)

Now this all sounds great on paper but lets take a closer look at Akali Nihang Baba Giana Singh “Rabb ji”, who is apparently Nidars Dada-Ustad (grandmaster). He never used the words “Snatan” or “Hindu-Sikh” or “Shiv Akhara” as is evident from Baba Giana Singh’s book on Shastarvidiya, which will be released shortly by a researcher in the UK.

Baba Giana Singh, Noted Grandmaster of ShastarVidiya
Baba Giana Singh

We had a researcher visit India and speak to a few living students of the Great Baba Giana Singh. It became evident very quickly that it was a well known fact that Baba Giana Singh taught many people and created many ustads of Shastarvidiya but he never gave “thapi” (appointed) a successor in any way, especially not to Baba Mohinder Singh (Nidar’s supposed Teacher), who was quite removed from the main akhara and a recluse according to Nidars early accounts.

Following are names of students of Baba Giana Singh –  Baba Giana Singh, Baba Gurbax Singh, Baba Daya Singh , Baba Gian S, Baba Pritam Singh, Baba Mohinder Singh.


Gurbax Singh, Mohinder Singh, Gian Singh, and Pritam Singh, all learnt from Giana Singh ‘Rab,’ and it is likely they also learnt from Ram Singh and Mohan Singh. Further work is required to verify the various lineages of the masters of Gatka which we are hoping to undertake.

Baba Pritam Singh’s Ranjit Akhara can be found on facebook here. But he doesn’t have a massive ego and go around pumping himself as the ultimate last warrior. He is a humble Nihang Singh who encourages young people to learn shastarvidiya and do demonstrations to keep the art alive. Baba Pritam Singh also holds no animosity or superiority complex over Gatka and allows his students to freely practice according to the sangat present without making fun of people who do Gatka, but encouraging them.

So how can Nidar claim to be ninth Grand Master in line, and the only living practitioner of the art, when there is no clear line of succession and there are still existing students of Baba Giana Singh (8th generation) and their subsequent students who are ninth generation.

Who made Nidar the gurdev? and who gave him sole copyright over Shastarvidiya. How can he claim to be the last Master of this forgotten art when there are so many others. Nidar absolutely hates it if anyone else tries to teach shastarvidiya of any kind yet he cannot claim to be from Baba Giana Singhs lineage but at the same time not recognise his rightful descendants.

At least 10 other Nihang Singhs have gone in the last five years from USA, Canada, and India to train from these ustads. Baba Giani Singh (who learnt from Baba Giana Singh “Rabb JI”) who is alive said Nidar Singh has got hankar (EGO), as he met him once briefly at Hazur Sahib, and this inner-hankar has caused him to break away from the Khalsa Panth into Brahamanism.

According to indian Maryada it would be the oldest member of the akhara, or eraliest generation who would be a Gurdev of Shastar Vidiya so it seems that Baba Pritam Singh ji being the official Ranjit Akhara head is the actual, still living, 8th Generation Gurdev . Subsequently Baba pritam Singh’s students would be in line to be the next gurdev.

Surely anyone can now go to India learn from the Ranjit Akhara at Budha Dal and and be taught from direct descendants of Baba Giana Singh and set up legitimate Shastar Vidiya Akharas across the UK. I have heard that a few already have.

The truth is that Nidar’s version of events is mere fantasy, self aggrandizement and self-promotion. His earlier origin stories were akin to a 70’s Jackie Chan Kung Fu Movie. Its all a very clever marketing campaign.

NIdar is living off the name of nam japan valey, hath, tap, seva karan valey, bani paran valey, panth de mahan Brahmgianis and Gatka Ustads of the past, who have lived to serve the Panth. While this fraud serves his own belly and ego.

And what Nidar has done by hijacking shastarvidiya and claiming to be the sole owner is similar to the way Balbir has taken control of the Budha Dal and claimed jathedari for himself even though no jathedari was ever passed to him.

Even now Nidar has recently changed his website and diluted his own Snatan message due to the backlash he has received from the Sikh Community. Universally hated within the Sikh Community Nidar is known as the “Lost Sikh Warrior”.


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