letter excommunicating NIddar Singh

Letter from Nihang Jathedars Excommunicating Nidar Singh – EXCLUSIVE !!!

With Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Apaar beant Kirpa have received the following anonymous tip-off. It has emerged that our concerns are shared by many Chardi Klaa Nihang Singhs who are speaking up against Niddars false and destructive propaganda, and someone has kindly forwarded us a copy of a signed document in which these Nihang Singhs express their feelings about him.

We have definitive proof that Niddar Singh is not a representative or in any way affiliated to any Nihang Sansthava.

On Niddars website – http://www.shastarvidiya.org/akhara5.jsp
he writes “As such, Nihang Niddar Singh, as the Sanatan Hindu Sikh Shastar Vidiya ‘Gurdev’ and Buddha Dal-recognised Nihang ‘Jathedar’ in England is the head.”

This is a blatant LIE and we have the proof here. In actual fact he has been excommunicated from all Nihang Dals and the Damdami Taskal.

Here is a letter from the main Nihang Organisations in India presented to Jathedar of the Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar Gurbachan Singh.

The following is a translation of the letter

To the Esteemed Jathedar of the Akaal Takht,

We feel compelled to bring to your attention that Niddar Singh aka Surjit Singh bains of Wolverhampton UK is involved in anti Sikh consipiracies by doing anti-Sikh parchaar on his websites and diluting the sikh philosophy by teaching that Sikhs are a part of Hinduism. With his heinous teachings(koorr parchar) he is misleading the Sikh sangat.

He keeps changing the name of his akhara on his website to include names such as “Hindu Santan Shiv Akhara” and is falsely using the name of Jathedar Akali Baba Darbara Singh to legitimise himself.

Niddar Singh is stating that the Khalsa was born from Shiv Ji and not guru Gobind Singh ji. He also proclaims falsely that the “Farla” of Nihang Singhs is sprouted from the ganges river and that blue bana is from the colour of Shiva. He is also saying that the chakar that Nihang Singhs wear on their dumalla is a sign of Shivji.

He is saying that the Sikh dharam emerged from hinduism and that Sikhi is just another samparda of the Hindu dharam and is also teaching that Sikh Shastar Vidiya and Gatka is a branch of the Hindu Dharam.

Niddar Singhs activities in the uk are upsetting and dividing Sikhs there. Guru Gobind Singh ji made the Khalsa unique. This fake Nihang is spreading doubts, confusion and slander within the sikh sangat.

On the 300th celebration of Guru Granth Ji’s Gurgaddi the sangat of  Hazur Sahib kicked him out due to his nefarious activities and anti Sikh parchaar.

By putting the concerns of the panth first we recomend that this individual is brought before the Akal Takht to answer for his crimes and receive punishment accordingly and the sikh sangat be freed of this confusion.

signed by

Baba Joginder Singh – Jathedar of Budha Dal
Baba Avatar Singh – Jathedar of Bidhi Chand Dal
Baba Nihal Singh – Jathedar of Haria Vela Dal
Baba Gajjan Singh – Jathedar Tarana Dal (Baba Bakala)
Baba Harnam Singh – Jathedar Damdami Taksal  &  Sant Samaaj


letter excommunicating NIddar Singh
Letter signed by Nihang Dals and Damdami taksal sent to Jatehdar Akaal Takht to excommunicate Niddar Singh

Akali Nihang Baba Joginder Singh ji Jathedar of Budha Dal


Baba Harnam Singh Jathedar Damdami Taksal
Baba Nihal Singh ji Jathedar Haria Vela


Baba Avtar Singh Jathedar Bidhi Chand

10 thoughts on “Letter from Nihang Jathedars Excommunicating Nidar Singh – EXCLUSIVE !!!”

  1. Nidar come to chadwell heathseven kings gym any wed night ask for me and i will give u such a beating u will beg for mercy from the almighty. U stupid prat and at long last the letter above from the panth in india showing u the united way that u r just a little jerk trying to mess sikhi up come get ur ass wipping dude

  2. Manjit Singh you need to come to where he is, take a camera, and challenge him………thanks He is at Shepards Bush on the 13 and 14th, lets see how good he can fight…….

  3. http://www.shastarvidiya.org/history19.jsp

    Usual trash that insults both Sikhs and Hindus:

    The Tenth Guru further reinforced the ‘Shiv Swaroop’ amongst his Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa.

    He instructed his Akali Nihang warriors:

    “If you take the refuge of Mahakal, he will save you. If you make the worship of ‘Asket’ (battle standard with ‘Assu’/’Kharag’ upon it – the re-interpreted ‘Ardhanarishvara’ symbol of androgynous ‘Shiv’/’Mahakaal’ the Khanda) your daily practice. Then placing his hand upon you, ‘Asdhuj’ (ie, ‘Asket’) will save you.”
    (‘Treh Charittar 404’, Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh, Dasam Guru Durbar, Verse 366-367)

    The Guru had this created warriors as ‘Shiv Saroop’ – the very form of ‘Mahakaal’ (Shiva). The ‘Shiv Saroop’ ‘Mahakali Singh’ Hindu warriors of the ‘Ranjit Akhara’, and its various off-shoots (eg, Akali Nihang Baba Darbara Singh Sanatan Suraj Bansia Shastar Vidiya Shiv Akhara) became established in accordance with Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh’s mission.

    In the coming years, they would fight a life and death struggle against Mughal, Persian and Afghan ‘Turk’ invaders. During a brief period after the Tenth Guru’s passing, the Akali Nihang Singhs, many of whom still being ascetics, joined up with ‘Vaishanva’ (devotees of Vishnu) warriors led by Banda Bahadur in order to fight the Turks (and their Hindu allies).

  4. This letter is not a hoax, the Jathedars had a Gurmatta after Nidar’s apology to Baba Kulwant Singh at Hazur Sahib. They first wanted to know what was in the websites. After they found out, after an advocate fluent in English checked the sites, they had this letter drafted and signed. A copy was presented to Jathedar Gurbachan Singh.

    1. heheheheh – nihangs singhs arent known for their letterheads and conformity to british standards. you need to contact the jathedars yourself , we dare you to contact even one of them.

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