Living 8th Generation Master of Shastarvidiya

We still haven’t received a reply from Nidar or his students regarding the information released earlier regarding the other practitioners of Shastarvidiya which share the same lineage as him and are all alive and well in India. How can he still claim himself the “LAST SIKH WARRIOR OF SHASTARVIDIYA” when he clearly is not.

Sant Baba Giana Singh Shastarvidiya Ustad
sant baba gian singh student of Baba Giana Singh

Baba Pritam Singh ji the living 8th generation master of Shastarvidiya

Here are existing 9th generation Shastarvidiya students of the Ranjit Akhara Patiala, students of 8th generation baba Pritam Singh, GRAND-STUDENTS of Baba Giana Singh (7th Generation Shastarvidiya Ustad)

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