Baba Giana Singh, Noted Grandmaster of ShastarVidiya

Nidar betrays the memory of his Grandmaster Baba Giana Singh

Baba Giana Singh, Noted Grandmaster of ShastarVidiya

Nidar on his website claims lineage from Baba Giana Singh, among others, a noted ShastarVidiya Master who according to Baba Santa Singh, taught many thousands of Singhs how to fight at Akali Phoola Singh Burj.

Time and time again Nidar, on his website, falsey attributes his “Sanatan Hindu Sikh Shastar Vidiya” label to Baba Giana Singh.

here is the proof

And he does the same thing on this page He makes it sound like Baba Giana Singh acknowledged the “Sanatan Hindu Shiv Akhara” or was a member of it.

The horrifying thing is, Baba Giana Singh ji wrote a book called Shastar Vidiya and it was published by Budha Dal Printing Press under Baba Santa Singh Ji. The disturbing revelation is that Baba Giana Singh never mentions the words “Snatan, Hindu, Shiv Akhara” throughout the whole book.

Baba Giana Singh jis Pustak that never mentions the words “Sanatan Hindu Shiv Akhara”

We can not be stupid enough to ignore the fact that this charlatan(Surjeet Singh Bains – Nidar), is adding his own words to history and legitimising his own MATT(Sanatan Hindu ideology) by using the Chardi Klaa Akali Nihang Singhs Shastar Vidiya, Baba Giana Singh and the original Ranjit Akhara as a stepping stone.

If I was a Nihang I would be well upset at this blatant misrepresentation. It is a travesty and betrayal to Baba Giana Singh to add words to his name that he never believed in or used in his lifetime. If Baba Giana Singh was a Sanatanist then don’t you think he would have at least mentioned it in his book.

It is a shame that ShastarVidiya of the Nihangs has been hijacked by Sanatanists.

14 thoughts on “Nidar betrays the memory of his Grandmaster Baba Giana Singh”

  1. Dude could you have a bee in your bonnet per chance?
    Your deluded and misguided interpretations of the written word and understanding of the context are amazing.
    From your slanderous posts and your inability to be objective you are clearly in need of help.
    For your own sake of sanity you should go and seek professional help.

    1. Then explain to me – how can a man who lived many years ago be attributed to an ideology that he never even used in his own literature?

      it is you!, his students who are deluded and can’t see the blatant clever addition of words – Baba Giana Singh does not mention SANATAN, HINDU-SIKH, SHIV AKHARA – Nidar made all this up, why can’t you guys see this? even with the evidence blatantly staring at you in the face you still deny it – explain how I have taken it out of context?

      You provide no argument, just accusations of being slanderous? how are you being objective? I await your answer…

  2. Okay so happy to have a discourse around this as I understand it please note that this is MY personal opinion and in no way is a representative of the Akhara or students of the VIdya.

    Firstly lets clarify :
    What does Sanatan mean? How do YOU translate and interpret the word?
    What does HINDU-SIKH mean? How do YOU translate and interpret the word?
    What does SHIV AKHARA mean? How do YOU translate and interpret the word?

    1. I am NOT the one using these words, so why don’t you explain your and nidars translation and interpretation of the words? It still won’t make them appear in Baba Giana Singh ji’s book, or any other historic book for that matter. It is you lot who go on about authenticity and an unadultered raw artform – so why add to it – why change it into something that it clearly never was. Why try to make out that all who came before endorse Nidar?

      another question who did Baba Giana Singh pass on(Thapi) his leadership of the Ranjit Akhara to ?

  3. To any discussion if the aim is to comprehend each other and learn one must begin by understanding the others perspective to that end are you going to use this opportunity to actually explain to me how you interpret the words as asked. Your whole issue in this particular post is around these specific words not being used in a publication attributed to Baba Giana Singh. As I stated earlier I do NOT speak on behalf of the Gurudev of the Akhara nor its students.

    My interpretation of the words as per the following

    SANATAN – ETERNAL – So Sanatan can mean the ancient path that has existed from time immemorial.
    HINDU-SIKH – HINDU – this link will give you my perspective
    – SIKH – The term “Sikh” has its origin in Sanskrit term शिष्य (śiṣya), meaning disciple, student
    SHIV AKHARA – SHIV – knife
    – AKHARA – School

    So…. that as you asked for is mine, can you now elaborate on yours please veer ji?

    In terms of printed literature I don’t have access or knowledge of everything written by Baba Ji.

    1. IF the word Hindu is not even a sanatan word but a foreign name given to the people of india then why use it? if sanatan is timeless then why choose a word that came about in the 16th century by the persians?

      Sikhs clearly do not identify with the term Hindu and the Sikh Gurus never used the term actually quite the opposite! you can try to claim a universal meaning of the word and context but IN WHAT WAY DID THE GURUS refer to the term Hindu? – They clearly did not identify with it !


      hi(n)dhoo moolae bhoolae akhuttee jaa(n)hee ||
      The Hindus have forgotten the Primal Lord; they are going the wrong way.

      naaradh kehiaa s pooj karaa(n)hee || a(n)dhhae gu(n)gae a(n)dhh a(n)dhhaar ||
      As Naarad instructed them, they are worshipping idols. They are blind and mute, the blindest of the blind.

      paathhar lae poojehi mugadhh gavaar ||
      The ignorant fools pick up stones and worship them.

      ouhi jaa aap ddubae thum kehaa tharanehaar ||2||
      But when those stones themselves sink, who will carry you across? ||2||
      (Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji – 556)


      hi(n)dhoo a(n)nhaa thurakoo kaanaa ||
      The Hindu is sightless; the Muslim has only one eye.

      dhuhaa(n) thae giaanee siaanaa ||
      The spiritual teacher is wiser than both of them.
      (Bhagat Naam Dev Ji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji – 874 )


      This johaaree suasath this this dheebaan abhag ||
      Unto Him I bow and offer my reverence; Gods Royal Court is eternal.

      naanak sachae naam bin kiaa ttikaa kiaa thag ||1||
      O Nanak, without the True Name, of what use is the frontal mark of the Hindus, or their sacred thread? ||1||
      (Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Granth Sahib Ji – 467)


      alahu eaek maseeth basath hai avar mulakh kis kaeraa ||
      If the Lord Allah lives only in the mosque, then to whom does the rest of the world belong?

      hi(n)dhoo moorath naam nivaasee dhuh mehi thath n haeraa ||1||
      According to the Hindus, the Lord’s Name abides in the idol, but there is no truth in either of these claims. ||1||
      (Bhagat Kabir, Guru Granth Sahib Ji – 1349 )

  4. You tell me? Why are you so offended by a term used to describe the indigenous people from a region?
    By using words relevant in today’s society you will hit a wider society with greater intelligence.
    You have copied and pasted the Bani of Guru yet you have no understanding of it veerai.
    Quite clearly the Guru has a stance on the worship practices of the “Hindu” and “Muslim” they clearly identify such practices and after understanding them they disregard them. So your above point lacks thought, clarity and authority on such topic.
    Will you now go to the question at hand and explain your perceptions of the words so that I can understand your POV.

    1. I am not offended but it is because there is a hidden agenda by him using that word, if he is sanatan then none of the devi devtey including shiva called themselves Hindus so WHY USE IT? like “Nihang Singh – Newashere”said he has just said below, it is clearly to align the youth to nefarious purposes.

      My definition is in line with that of the Guru in the above verses – he clearly does not identify himself with them.
      You say I “have no understanding, lack thought, clarity and authority” but this is just your OPINION, not fact and not backed up with any gurbani or reasoning. I prefer to stick to the subject matter rather then resort to baseless slurs.

      and I always back up my arguments with Gurbani ! the PRIMARY SOURCE!

      naa ham hi(n)dhoo n musalamaan ||
      I am not a Hindu, nor am I a Muslim.

      aleh raam kae pi(n)dd paraan ||4||
      My body and breath of life belong to Allah/Raam – the one God of both. ||4||
      (Sri Guru Granth Sahbi ji – Ang 1136)

      You say I don’t have the authority, because Nidar has told you that only people of his standing and knowledge can understand Gurbani – so the whole rest of the panth is a lost fool who doesn’t understand gurbani or sikhi, apart from Nidar and his sanatan followers?
      this is a clear brainwash used by many fake sadhus and sants. they tell their victims that without being at their level you can’t understand certain things, which forces you to relay any reasoning or questioning via them and this is where the control begins…

      you can’t think for yourself because without ARTH you will misinterpret everything, so again Nidar has the upper hand, you doubt your own understanding and so you rely on his….

      you have surrendered your understanding to Nidar’s interpretations and in a way he is your Guru not Guru Granth Sahib Ji

      You still haven’t answered the question of why use a ferenghi word which is clearly not even SANATAN? the term “Sanatan Hindu-Sikh” is a contradiction in itself.

      – why do the Nihangs(the people he claims lineage from)never use this term?
      – why didn’t they feel the need to use such terms?
      – why do you feel it’s so important now to include the term?
      – clearly your superiors & Ustads like Baba Giana Singh had no need for such confusing, and unnecessarily veiled terms so why do you?

  5. If we can use the term Hindu-Sikh then why not Muslim-Sikh? After all words Fateh, Khalsa, Peshkabaz, Punjab, all from the Persian……this argument is stupid. Muslim-Sikh means the surrendered Sikh, Ali Zorkhana, as all the exercises and sword movements are found in Persia. This (sanatan) argument is the biggest fraud in the UK, vain attempts to slowly align the youth to Shiv Sena, RSS, and Indian Nationalism.

  6. Nindah – You must understand we are not interested really in what the meanings of these terms are. (Pedegogy is something that we can deal with later).

    We are simply looking into the following areas – Authenticity – “How can the name of a system change – Why does Mr Bains keep stating that his artform is unchanged – When we have epirical proof that he has self contructed the titles of “Hindu – Sikh” and “Sanatan” and “Shiv Akhara” – We know he has seen Baba Sampooran Singhs text – but how does this give him authority to change the name of this Akara that he claims in unchanged in anyway” this is what we you to adress not the meaning of these term. Mr Bains grandmaster (Dada Ustaad) was respected Ustaad Baba Giana Singh Nihang Singh Jee, he published this book on Shaster Vidiya and DID NOT MENTION NO SANATAN, NO HINDU SIKH, NO SHIV AKHARA – so scientfically and empirically we can make the statement that Mr Bains has added this stuff himself – This is what we are saying –

    We could also invistigate why the name for his Vidiya has changed from Hatka, to Jatka Gatka to Shastar Vidiya to Sanatan Shastr Vidiya??? He is telling you one thing and doing another, and he has duped many people into his unspiritual distortion of Sikhi.

    Next time you meet him ask him to recite Jap Ji Sahib from memory SHUD, ask him to recite Jaap Sahib from memory SHUD. These are the primary qualities needed by a Shastar Vidiya Ustaad. Hollow vessels make the loudest noise.

    Please look deeper into his lies and question him. A full shastar vidiya system that has no section on Archery!!! Thats like a professional footballer who cant kick a ball. Sri Satguru Kalgidaar Patshah always carried a Kamaan with him and he always kept Teer with him. This is the final proof from Maharaaj that this man is a fraudster, earning his money through the deception of others.

    Be strong, let Satguru Maharaaj guide you.

    Dassn Dass

  7. Is Baba Giana Singh’s book available/can it be made available by the Singhs who run this page? I’d be very interested, as a practitioner of gatka who has studied under ustaads of Budha Dal and Damdami Taksal, in reading the teachings of one of the greatest a proponents of Shastar vidiya in our time–my own ustaads draw some connection or another to them.

    1. The book is in the posession of a Sikh Scholar called Dr Kamalroop Singh (Phd) who will be releasing it once he has finished translating it.

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