Last Sikh Warrior?

Have to say that when I wasnt laughing at the ridiculous “kung-fu master” of this story I found this one pretty offensive, as it implies that there are no more Nihangs or Sikh warriors left in the whole of the world.

So are we all dead? Sarey Singh Margey? How can Nidar come along and make such an egotistical and offensive remark and question our ability, allegiance and dedication to the Guru and to the Khalsa that we are not also warriors and willing to serve the guru

When Guru Gobind Singh ji Baptised the Panj Pyarey they were not trained martial artists they were normal people, but they were willing to give their head for Dharam and their Guru. Every Sikh who loves their Guru and their Sikhi is the last Sikh warrior┬áin the eyes of the Guru so this statement is a foolish one to make. The Guru said that “chiri naal baaj larau” that he will make the common man fight the hunters.

When Bhai Dulla came to Guru Gobind Singh Ji to show off his warriors, Guru Gobind Singh ji asked him to bring forth some soldiers so that he could test his gun, and none of dullas famous soldiers stepped forward, yet two Singhs from the kitchens came running to take a bullet for the Guru.

Let us hear what Guru Gobind Singh ji has to say about these so called great trained warriors in Tav Prasad Swaiye from Sri Dasam Granth. Continue reading Last Sikh Warrior?

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