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We do not promote violence or feel any hatred or bare any animosity towards anyone. Our aim is to tackle ignorance and falsehood which is being spread by rogue elements who seek to misguide our youth away from the true message of the Sikh Gurus.

So here we are, All standing together, we are not hiding behind false identities, we are all now openly doing parchaar and enlightnening people about the true nature of Sanatanist cults and if Nidar and the rest of the snatanists can prove us wrong then the disproven articles will be taken down.

Niddar Singh spreads Anti-Sikh parchaar and has now been excommunicated from all NIhang Dals, Damdami Taksal and the Sant Samaaj in India and all have advised the Akal takht to follow suit.

All London University Sikh Societies banned him from doing seminars in 2004. Recently his classes at Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Somerset Road, Birmingham, Lecester Gurdwara Guru Amar Das and Wolverhampton Gurdwara Guru Tegh Bahdur have now all been cancelled due to the true nature of Nidars preachings being revealed to the comittees.

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  1. Your website is a piece of shit everything on it is fake!.. Nidar singh is one of the most chardikala singhs iv ever met

    1. That is your opinion and you are welcome to it, if he would stop attacking normal Sikhs on his websites and shown less arrogance in the last ten years then maybe it wouldn’t have had to come to this. You cant just say its ok for him to do it but then you guys can’t take it when your on the receiving end.

      If we do not agree there is no need to get abusive, It shows that his followers cannot engage in meaningful dicussion and have become like fanatics.

  2. i loved your website; and i wish chardi-kala on you and your message to Sikh’s getting entangled in the net’s of bahman-vad; i wish i could be of any assistance to you;
    and i suggest that you write about where and whom should Sikh’s get their Gatka or Sikh Martial training from; like original good kind hearted humble Sikh instructor’s which abide by the Sikhi Rehat;
    We obviously know the Nihang Dals like Buddha and tarna are master’s in horsemanship and have kept alive the tradition’s of Neza-bazi(spear fighting) so it would be very Good if you post some contact information; like of Buddha Dal or Tarna Da;l;
    anyway’s loved your website especially the “Gurdev Pita” section;
    Best of Luck to you on your Future Project’s and thank you for informing the Sikh’s about the Right;
    Chardi-Kala to ALL

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